Ceiling Air Conditioner

The ceiling air conditioner allows you to maintain a beautiful aesthetic in your interior and also cooling your home since it is installed in a false ceiling. It is a system that is generally used in shops. Its air diffusion is optimal and allows a uniform temperature, thanks to its four air outlets.

The Cooler

The cooler is an interesting alternative to air conditioning with its water evaporation system, completely different from the air conditioner. It is, therefore, more economical and ecological than the air conditioner but remains limited in terms of performance.

The Different Types Of Air Conditioner

The mono-block air conditioner

Its simplicity of installation and compactness characterizes this device.

There are two models:

the mobile air conditioner: it moves from room to room on wheels, according to your needs.

The wall-mounted air conditioner is installed in the wall or the window and offers superior performance to the mobile air conditioner.

This type of air conditioner pumps hot air into the room where it is located and rejects it through an exhaust duct to exit through a wall or window.

Good to know: A monobloc air conditioner is suitable for a room up to 25 m² and its air duct service can be done by an expert.

Split Air Conditioner

This air conditioner has several units: an outdoor unit which allows the evacuation of hot air, and one or more indoor units.  This device provides air conditioning throughout the house. It is much more efficient.  It is silent and therefore allows a more pleasant use.

Different Split Air Conditioners Are Available On The Market:

the mobile air conditioner: has wheels, and an evacuation duct connects it to the outside. Instead, it is a temporary solution.

The wall-mounted air conditioner: it must be hung up high.

The split console air conditioner: positioned on the floor, it can be installed in single or double flow.

The ducted split air conditioner:  installed in the ceiling, it allows maintaining a beautiful aesthetic in its interior. A duct network must be installed to connect the units distributed in the different rooms and functions.

Good to know: A mobile split air conditioner is suitable for up to 40m².  A fixed split air conditioner is suitable for 25m².