Commercial License in Dubai

Commercial License in Dubai

Commercial License permits you to trade. You can import and export a wide range of goods and services within Dubai. Commercial License is a must for trading activities in Dubai. Licensing is applicable for all types of Goods, Food articles, Clothing, Electronic Goods, banking, insurance, media, and others. It also covers commission agents, construction businesses, and Real estate. Commercial License Dubai is required both for the Small and Big Business sector.

Commercial Business in Dubai is divided into two Major Zone.

  1. Free Zone Setup – Free Trading zone are the areas in Dubai wherein you have the permission to do unlimited trading, and no tax is applicable like corporate tax, custom duties, VAT, and income tax – Tax is exempted, and entrepreneur will own 100% ownership on their respective industry.
  1. Main Land Zone / Setup – The license for the mainland zone is provided by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Mainland zone license allows trading within Dubai and outside Dubai hassle-free.

Procedures for getting a Commercial License in Dubai.

  1. Documents required to apply for a Commercial License in UAE
  • Filled License application form.
  • Passport size photos – 3 Nos
  • Passport copies of the Capitalist.
  1. Medical Checkup of the sole owner or partners is mandatory.
  1. Apply for a VISA – Appling for the VISA in the UAE council and mention the purpose of the VISA required. For VISA application, few documents are required, such as – Bank statement, Travel details, Passport copy, copy of flight tickets, Insurance details, VISA application, and VISA fee to be paid.
  1. Details about the Business –
  • Prepare an elaborate Business Proposal – Transparency is the Key.
  • All the details of the Partners involved – Sole proprietor or a partnership firm ensure to further all the people’s data.
  • Budget details – Be specific about the Initial capital, Funding, investment, and returns.
  • No hidden activity/information – Ensure to specify all the information of the Business- Planning, Financial, Budget, partners, Marketing, and Execution. Any Hidden info found there will be a chance of delay or even losing a commercial license from UAE.
  1. Choosing the Name for your Business -This is a crucial task to avail a commercial license in UAE. There is a huge and strict list to be followed before you name a business to start in Dubai.
  • As per the Dubai norm – No abbreviation of your name should be used. Instead, you can use your complete name.
  • The name of the company should follow the UAE naming rules.
  • The Title of the Business should not be offensive.
  • The name of the company should not reflect any well-known brands.
  • The New Business should be registered as a Legal entity, i.e., LLC, FZE, etc.
  • The name of the company should not be abusive in any language.
  • The title of the business should be Unique, catchy, meaningful, and sensible.

These are the broadly classified steps to apply for a commercial license in Dubai. There will be some more steps or fewer steps to avail license depending on the nature of your business. You can either apply for the commercial license by yourself or look for authorized agencies who facilitate the process at ease on behalf of you.