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A small pitfall is the minimum and maximum power of the dimmer. With halogen lamps with a consumption of 50 watts and an average dimmer with a minimum power of 50 watts and a maximum power of 300 or 500 watts it was easy. Even with a single light you can get the minimum tax. You have to take into account the low consumption of LED lamps. If you connect six LED lights of 6 watts to that dimmer, it won’t work because with 36 watts you stay below the minimum load. The use of the resale renovation package happens to be essential here.

Ceiling of polished concrete with a wide hanging lamp

Dimming is mainly used to create atmosphere in the home. A determining factor for mood creation is that the light becomes more yellow as you continue to dim. You imitate the atmosphere of candlelight. However, this does not work with LED lamps. They will naturally give less light when dimming, but the light color remains constant. This gives a totally different impression, a bit of a gray cool impression. Recently , the manufacturers of quality lighting have now introduced dimmable LED onto the market, whereby the light color becomes more yellow as dims are applied. 

Lightning Fast Evolution

Dimming LED lighting is not a simple story. However, the evolution is super-fast and what is still difficult can become very simple tomorrow. In the catalogs from a few years ago you only found non-dimmable LED lamps. More recent catalogs already showed a reasonable range of dimmable LED lighting. It is a story in full evolution. Here more about the history of LED lighting.

There is a lot of electronics around an LED lamp and that makes placing and connecting an LED a little less simple than placing a traditional incandescent lamp or halogen lamp. The electronics can be partly or fully provided on the printed circuit board behind the LED, but usually an external driver is also required. In this article, lighting advisor Rik Six elaborates on the correct placement of LED lighting.

The Enemies Of Led

That electronics has two major enemies: heat and humidity. You will usually find a rather large cooling down on a good LED lamp at the back. It is not for nothing. If you are going to hide this cooling in the insulation material above the ceiling, you can be sure that the service life will be shortened considerably immediately. Good cooling is essential for the life of the LED. Some brands even go so far as to provide active cooling. Just like in the computer, this is a small fan that ensures that the electronics do not overheat.

Cooler LED lighting

The other enemy is humidity. If you use LED lighting in the bathroom or garden, make sure that the moisture cannot penetrate the electronics because then you will get corrosion from the printed circuit boards and the light will go out in no time. An external driver must also be placed in a dry place. It becomes very delicate when LED lighting is installed in the ground or in the terrace. At this moment it is absolutely necessary to provide a good and extensive drainage for a ground spot. This can be done by placing pebbles around and under the spot so that groundwater does not have a chance to penetrate the ground spot.

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