Is It OK To Have Fake Plants?

It is no longer strange if the color green means the source of life, freshness, and a sense of security. Usually, this green is used in technology or beverage-based company. Because it also means fertility, the color green also gives the impression of ambition, money, and wealth. So, that’s why people would place some green stuff in their house to make it feel cozy and fresh.

Some make it happen in the form of a beautiful flower garden with the soothing sound of running water in the pool and putting ornamental plants in cute little pots on each side of the room. Even to paint and give green home decorations, especially in the form of plants. Ornamental plants in small pots are very beautiful if placed on the side of a room, such as a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen.

Having them in the house does add to the impression of comfort and coolness to your house. However, if there are many of them it will be a hassle to take care of them. Especially for those who are lazy or don’t have time to care for them, they will be overwhelmed to check and care for these by one. And here are counterfeit ones that can ease your burden in caring for natural ornamental. But, is it OK to have fake plants? Nobody forbids you to have fake ones. However, it is best to have a real one besides a fake one to increase the supply of oxygen and cool air to your home.

Then, what are the types of decorations that can beautify your house? Here are some of them that you must have at your home.

  • Cactus

The first of them is cacti. Its unique and attractive shape makes the cactus very popular as a decorative element. Its tiny and beautiful shape makes it suitable for use as a display on a desk, placed near a window, or as a gift.

  • Monstera

Monstera is known for its super unique leaves. Its hollow leaves make this one popular as an ornamental plant at home. The size of the leaves is large and resembles a heart shape.

  • Orchid

Are you interested in decorating a room to make it look elegant? Orchids can be the right choice to decorate your home! This type is quite popular to use as a home decorator to make it look more attractive. The reason is, this flower has a stunning appearance that can present a unique atmosphere because of its prominent color.

  • Christmas tree

How long do you hope to keep the Christmas tree in existence? One of the main benefits of buying an artificial or artificial tree is that it can be a long-term investment. As long as you plan to keep the tree for more than one holiday season, it is recommended that you purchase a high-quality artificial Christmas tree.

  • Philodendron

They are generally known as philodendron with the term sirih-sirih or hanging yellow ivory betel. This artificial plant can give a green, refreshing impression. The unique leaf shape makes this leaf plant often used as a wedding decoration material.

  • Preserved Flowers

Even though this one comes from a real flower, they are a plant that can last for years without much care. Preserved flowers are flowers that go through several processes to be preserved for about 7 years. Just like synthetic, they only need to be treated by removing dust on them. If you are interested in this eternal bloom, then you can choose them to embellish your home. Buy these preserved flowers in Singapore online. And these gorgeous things will arrive at your door.

  • Synthetic turf

If you have a large enough room, this artificial grass can be used as a substitute for carpets. With this synthetic plant, it is guaranteed to make your home look more beautiful and give the impression of being in real nature. That is perfect if you have young children who enjoy playing outdoors but are no longer due to the pandemic. Decorate a corner or backyard with this synthetic turf and a soccer goal and slide. Perfect!

  • Begonia

One type of ornamental plant is not less cool than others in the world, namely the begonia plant. Maybe for lovers of them, this type of begonia is familiar to hear. As is well known, begonia is one of the genera of flowering plants, namely Begoniaceae. This name is one of the plants that grow by vines. Therefore, counterfeit begonias are perfect for those who don’t want to bother cutting the annoying leaf vines.

The real and the fake ornamental have their respective advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the original is that you can enjoy the fresh oxygen it produces. Then the drawback is that you have to take care of it every day. Starting from watering it, trimming the leaves that interfere or wilt, changing pots, and a series of other treatments.

Meanwhile, artificial ones have more advantages. Having them doesn’t need to be afraid of changing seasons, which will impact natives. Native plants need to be placed in a place exposed to sunlight, which doesn’t apply to counterfeit ones. You can very freely put it where you won’t even though it is not exposed to sunlight like in the bathroom. You also don’t need to be afraid of insects that usually land on the real ones but not on artificial ones. You also don’t have to bother watering and pruning wilted leaves. Because they won’t wither all the time, all you need to do to care for them is dust them off. In artificial, it has a disadvantage where they don’t produce oxygen which will add freshness to the air and coolness.

So, which one is better to have? Real ones? Or fake ones? It depends on your needs. If you are a person who is disciplined in caring for something and needs an air freshener, then the original one is what you need. But if you just need to decorate your home and are lazy to do a series of routine maintenance, then the fake is right for you. You can get fake plants Singapore at one of the online florists, Flower Advisor! You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for your friends, lovers or parents.