There are varieties of Air coolers and they are of different sizes and uses. They are in such because of their work capacity and workloads because they are created with different capacities and different materials, which will cause the variation in prices and the kind of work that can be done with them. So, in a way, some of these types and varieties are limited, but they still perform basic work in converting hot air into cold air and help to ventilate the environment. portacool air cooler is one of those varieties and types of air cooler equipment. As said earlier, the effectiveness of the air cooler depends on the way they are produced and the way it is produced, even the portacool air cooler has series and different types, all air coolers do the same thing, but the rate with which they can be done is different and varies from each other because of their capacity and the way they work you can’t expect an air cooler that works in a single room perfectly to work in a hall, and the reason is basically because of the large space, in a hall, more air cooler and a very effective air cooler would be needed because to effectively cool the atmosphere. 

The role of the air cooler in our society can not be overemphasized because there are some pivotal times and seasons that it would be needed and if it is neglected, the effect would later be seen in the community because many might not be able to survive hot temperatures which may later lead to the death of individuals or the inhabitants of a particular land. In every situation, wisdom is needed and when applied, the result would be different and great. So, it is worthy to note that the portacool air cooler is designed to cool air and serve humans, particularly in a better way, and that is why the modification is coming upon whatever was created.

The economic importance, benefits, and advantage it has on our community are that it helps to control the human temperature, by receiving hot air from the environment and producing cold air so as to allow ventilation. There is something called Modern Climatic control, and that is a means of controlling in an artificial way or manner the immediate environment temperature and ventilation. There are tools that are used, and such tools are Air conditioner, Air cooler, Heater, and so on. They all have different roles and functions they play, but they work towards one major goal, and that goal is to basically help in regulating the environment temperature.