8 Quotes That Every Sports Person Can Relate With

Playing sports is often a hobby for many people. But for professional sportsperson, playing an indoor or outdoor game is nothing less than going on a battlefield with all the guards up, prepared to face every challenge and wield of the fate. While competitions are tough, there is a lot to learn from the experiences of renowned sportspeople, some of whose quotes we have listed below, and to which most of the sportsmen can relate with. Checkout some wizard and harry potter quotes here.

  1. Cycling is Not a Sport it’s a Lifestyle

The cycling sport related quote is by Magnus Backstedt. He is a Swedish professional road bicycle racer. He won the Paris–Roubaix in 2004. He retired from the sport in 2009, but the words of encouragement from early life do add to inspiration for many. Outdoor sport such as cycling keeps one active and fit. It can be a hobby, or developed into a profession. The quote provokes sportspersons to look beyond cycling as just a sport, but adapt it into a lifestyle, including discipline, commitment, and a lot more.

  1. If You Have Everything under Control, You’re Not Moving Fast Enough

Belonging from the world of sprint cars, Mario Andretti is a former racing driver. He has won races in IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, Word Sportscar Championship, and many others. Mario has 109 career wins and came up with the above-mentioned quote. His quote seems to apply on several games, even the ones played indoors, such as rummy, carom, etc. For instance, in card games, one has to make calculated moves in time, because once a card has been played, the move cannot be reverted. In racing events as well, having the right judgement of speed makes all the difference.

  1. Chess is everything: Art, Science, and Sport

The above quote is by Anatoly Karpov, who is a Russian Chess Grandmaster. He has 160 fir-place finishes in tournaments. Karpov’s quote fills every Chess-playing enthusiast with hope. The quote specifically focuses on how the game is not just about the challenge, but winning the same involves creativity, thinking ability, and smartness, synonym to Art and Science. One has to concentrate in the game, use creative and unique moves to confuse the opponent, and trick the person into making moves that should not be made, at last securing a win.

  1. Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy The Game.

The fifth highest scorer of NBA, Michael Jordan, is the one who said the above-given quote. He is known as MJ and a popular professional basketball player. Jordan has won 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls, with many other feathers added to cap. The words in the quote prove that any game has to be played from heart, because it is important to enjoy the game as much as to win it.

For instance, let us take the example of card games itself, no matter a person plays on a rummy app or offline with a deck of cards, more than the spirit of competition, learning the gaming strategies and applying those skilfully makes the difference, apart from the rewards won.

  1. Sports Do Not Build Character. They Reveal It

John Wooden was another great basketball player who carried the nickname ‘Wizard of Westwood’, and went to live on till 99 years of age. He was once the head coach of UCLA, during which he had won 10 NCAA national championships. Wooden’s quoted words prove that sports is not only meant to add value to one’s character and personality, but a medium to showcase personal skills and thought process. It is the way a person handles situations that proves his/her mettle.

So the way a sportsperson approaches a game reveals a lot about intrinsic characteristics. Thus, one should be careful and calm. And games such as basketball help sportspersons to gain a control over mind, temper, as well as the body.

  1. The Game Isn’t Over Until It’s Over

Yogi Berra in his lifetime won 19 seasons in Major League Baseball, and added many more achievements to his profile. Starting off as a baseball catcher, he later went to take up roles of a manager and a coach. He is today well remembered for the above-mentioned quote. Many people give up mid-way in the game, but there is always a way to turn the tables in favour. Because as Berra said, a game is not over until it is actually over. So, one should strive and keep striving every moment to make the best out of his/her game, with a never-give-up attitude.

  1. When You Win, Say Nothing, When You Lose, Say Less

A famous American Football coach and executive in AAFC and NFL, it is Paul Brown who said the above-given words. Mr. Brown was one of the founding members of Cincinnati Bengals; a team which went onto win 7 league championships in a professional coaching career over 25 seasons. However, his team too faced the ups and downs of competitions, but Paul’s awe-inspiring meaning behind his words that defeat does not mean a failure, but an opportunity to learn more, teaches a lot to any sportsperson. It makes an individual remain humble during a win and a loss, both.

  1. Winning Isn’t Everything, But Wanting To Win Is

Last but not the least, the renowned American football player, coach, and executive in NFL, Vince Lombardi, said the above-given quote. It reveals the truth about sportsmanship, thus, every sportsperson can learn that more than winning, it is the enthusiasm for it that matters, and is important. Because when one has the will to win, the goals become easier to achieve. Lombardi was noted for iron discipline, which goes to say how he was particular about sportsmanship demeanour in each player. This is something one can take inspiration from, and bring discipline in sports.

In Conclusion

Sportspersons face a lot of challenges during tournaments and competitions. It is evident that hard times can break the will of a person, but the above-given quotes fills players with the right confidence, and makes them relate to the words in a way that is becomes easier to take down hurdles. Click here.