Legality of digital signatures in government prescribed services

Digital signature is a means to provide safe and secure authentication services to people who wish to pursue such protective measures. Also digital signatures are now getting mandatory by the government and subsequent organizations for varying tasks due to which one must get their digital signature done as soon as possible. Digital signature uses a form of encryption to protect user documents and in due process authenticate such documents seemingly. Without digital signatures in today’s world, we would be vulnerable towards massive data theft and document manipulation which is why we need to have a digital signature of our own rather than being a victim of such online fraud.

The importance of digital signature in government mandates

Governments all over the world are now making it a mandatory provision to get digital signatures for each individuals who wish to pursue government benefits. With several classes of digital signatures being available we need to know such classes that makes digital signatures unique. You can buy digital signature online from reputed websites who provide such services to the general public as well as government mandated sites as well. Digital signatures can be distinguished into three categories. Class 1 is the least important and the risk minimal signature that can be obtained by any individual who wishes to verify online documents over e-mail or any other medium. Class 2 digital signatures are possessed by business organizations and individuals for verifying confidential documents which can be done using cryptography encryption methods. Finally class 3 signatures are possessed by high ranking individuals and those who wants to file e tenders from government organizations. The government have mandated and have made it mandatory for any individual to have a valid digital signature in order for them to file e tenders for themselves. Lacking such signatures one would not be able to apply for tenders by government agencies and thus is hugely important. Also tax filing needs a valid digital signature of the concerned person which is why class 3 digital signature is massively important for anyone who have to go for income tax filing and income tax return. Another beneficiary that possessing a digital signature have is any government imposed tax returns by any company needs class 3 digital signature authentication which can be done by the head of the company by providing several documents regarding the company and subsequently the process requires the concerned personnel to be present in the premises of such offices.

Secure documents efficiently using digital signatures

Documents can be secured effectively by using digital signatures due to the encryption platforms in offer. With superior technology, digital signatures have gained rapid fandom and is being considered to replace physical document verification completely. With digital signature you would be saving time and resources as well. You would not have to print the online document, then sign it and then again scan them before sending it to the recipient which is a complex process in itself.