Senior citizens:

When humans reach certain age they come to be called as the senior citizens. The age details at which they are called as senior citizens s different from one country to the others, on the basis of age they can be given care giving home services that have all the features that a home should have. As far as the care services are concerned many such facilitators only claim to give them all the needed services and facilitate them with all sorts of attention so that they may not feel a blank living apart from the family and friends. The homecare services is quite different as they do not just claim but they actually act and take every possible opportunity to support the seniors in the home care unit.

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Salient features:

  • The senior citizens are individuals above the age of sixty and they have been through so much in life and they have the problem of a weak health and other serious issues with their mobility and other functions.
  • They require help care and assistance when they are not able to move around and require a person who can help them to go through all the different stages of old age.
  • Some of them may be healthy but have to live on their own and some have serious issues with food bathing and other aspects of life which they need care and assistance for.
  • The service gives all the required help and support during the night so that they can feel confident that someone is caring for them and stays right beside them in the hour of need.
  • The overnight services and support gives them a new ease of life and they feel being cared for and not left off on their own.
  • The services include being present with them overnight, the working hours go from the evening of the previous day to the next morning.
  • Even if they are able to take care of themselves during the day time, the night time could be a huge issue for some of them.

They help them with food, bathing, application of medications, cleaning, dressing the person, being a companion, hair care, nail care, changing the clothing that are intimate, hygiene care, oral care, grooming and many other services and the homecare services extend till the next morning so that they can be confident to face the next day.