Tips for buying Athens apartments

Events around us are constantly changing; life is full of surprises and upheavals: a pandemic, a military operation. One way to save your money is by investing in Athens apartments for sale.

Recommendations for buying

You have decided that you want to buy property abroad. What factors should be taken into account when choosing a country and an apartment:

  • Tax legislation in the country. You need to calculate how much you have to pay during the transaction and the annual payments for the apartment.
  • Is it possible to obtain citizenship or a residence permit when buying real estate?
  • The number of monthly utility bills.
  • To study the dynamics of prices for apartments in recent years.
  • Find out about the infrastructure of the area where you purchased an apartment.
  • It is currently not possible to transfer currency to a number of countries.
  • Assess the risks. In 2022, you should not buy property in unfriendly countries.

All this is difficult to assess on your own, so it is better to contact a trusted specialized agency to select the best option.

Is it worth it to buy an overseas property?

Advertising of foreign residential complexes guarantees year-round rental and, accordingly, a stable income! There will be income, but first of all, it will be received by the management company or your representative, and only then – by you. A reasonable management company will make sure that your income is no less than your expenses for maintaining the facility, but no more. In addition, it is necessary to pay services for finding tenants, cleaning, and tax on rental income, which will require registration as a taxpayer. 

There are Holiday Greece complexes with a stable income, but the entry threshold for them is quite high – more than several hundred thousand euros.