How to Arrange a Singapore Funeral

What does the passing of a relative or loved one mean to you? For many people, it can be tough to accept. Unfortunately, death is a fact of life all people have to admit. We are left picking up the pieces after someone passes. We do our best to give our dearly departed a proper burial and sendoff. Depending on the religion, family, cultural background, and the deceased’s personal preference, the funeral services package in Singapore for them may differ.

Arranging a funeral might be heartbreaking to think about, but it is not every day that you have to think about performing this task. When the dreaded day comes, are you ready to do it? Some people are woefully underprepared to arrange a funeral for their loved ones. They might fumble or become lost in the process of arranging a funeral.

If you find yourself in this situation with no direction, you might end up with a lengthy process that can cripple you financially. You might have to end up paying for a service that does not meet your needs and expectations. You can avoid any incidents if you are informed beforehand about the process of arranging Singapore funeral services.

Did you know that the process may differ from country to country? That is because death leaves a paper trail from the government. You need to accomplish paperwork specific to Singapore (or the place of death) before proceeding further with funeral requirements. In some cases, the circumstances of the death may even make the funeral arrangements more complicated. For example, when your loved one passes away in a foreign country, you deal with the repatriation of your loved ones’ remains as well. Arranging paperwork so that your family member can fly home is an extra expense you account for.

Learning how to deal with all of the eventualities of your family member’s funeral may be difficult to imagine. As early as now, you should be familiar with the entire process of planning a funeral here in Singapore. Some people may find it a bit morbid to plan funeral arrangements for living people but think of it as a backup plan that will take place whether you want to or not. You do not want to face it, but you must confront it sooner or later. No one wants to be blindsided by the financial cost of a funeral but it does not have to be as expensive as you think it is.

How to Arrange a Funeral in Singapore


A family member’s passing, whether they are breadwinners or not, strains a budget. If you can reliably navigate the process of arranging a funeral, you can then plan your budget accordingly and reduce the costs of the funeral. Here is a quick rundown of the process of arranging one with a funeral service provider in Singapore.

1)    Determine and register the cause of the death

It’s natural to want a little more time to process the death of a loved one, even with a little foresight about the death. Unfortunately, you cannot delay or skip this step. You have to register the death within 24 hours. It is mandated by law. You need to get a Certificate of the Cause of Death from a doctor (preferably a family doctor) and submit the document. If the death occurred at home, a general practitioner (or GP) has to examine the body before deeming the death natural.

If the individual’s death is unidentified or unnatural, then the doctor needs to refer the matter to the police. The body might then undergo a review. If this happens, a family member will be informed of the process and wait until the right time to collect the body.

2)    Reach out to a funeral director

The right moment to reach out to a funeral parlour in Singapore is now. A funeral director is an individual who can step in to arrange everything for you while you can destress, mourn, and grieve your loved one. They can assist you in determining the right funeral service packages that match what you are looking for. You do not need to worry too much about the logistics of your funeral, as a funeral director can arrange everything for you. But be forewarned, though— remember to set a budget and be clear on all of your needs as your funeral director may inflate the prices of your funeral services. You need to carefully consider every expense your funeral director gives you so that you do not get lost in the moment.

Funeral directors are a necessary expense as they can handle all your funeral needs. Their jobs include getting the necessary approvals and permits, funeral preparations, religious preparations, and other similar responsibilities.

3)    Arranging the burial, cremation, and/or final resting place

Once you reach out to a funeral director, preparations for the Singapore funeral can go underway. Funeral preparations are where religious inclinations and preferences come into play.

Depending on what you want for your family member, you can choose burial or cremation for your loved one. If your loved one shall be cremated, a funeral director can help you book a date and time slot at a crematorium. You will also have to decide where to place the ashes. Some people choose to keep the ashes at home, other times people may want to store them in a private columbarium. Some individuals have a last wish to scatter their remains in sacred places, at sea or in other locations.

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