Watch Out For These 5 Red Flags When Finding A Service Apartment In Singapore!  

When it comes to getting a serviced apartment rental in Singapore or renting, in general, there is only one golden rule you have to keep in mind: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some offer their serviced flats at an affordable price but with hidden charges.

These are just one of the many red flags you should watch out for when looking for an apartment. Truth be told, finding your own space, especially in the city or heart of the country, is not a joke. It is not easy to look for your own apartment. There is so much you need to consider, such as the rates, amenities, construction, security and safety of the location, parking, and the like. Also, the cost of living is not necessarily cheap.

With just about everything available online these days, finding a service apartment for rent in Singapore is now becoming a piece of cake. The challenge is with getting a good, credible one. If you’ve been browsing the classifieds, you would know how many options are available these days, whether a condo or a single-detached apartment. While these ads and posts provide convenience, it’s almost a given that con artists will try to take advantage of future homeowners.

To score an affordable serviced apartment in Singapore while staying away from being duped and scammed by ill-intentioned landowners, watch out for these things:


#1. If they ask you to wire money to them before your first meeting

Generally, when you look for a service apartment in Singapore, you and the owner would initially talk about the arrangements, such as the duration of the rental, your target budget, restrictions, and the like. However, if the person you are talking to, the real estate agent or owner, asks you for anything before you meet them or after seeing the apartment, take it as a sign of a red flag! Move on to the following listing or find another option immediately. There is a hundred per cent chance that they have plans on taking advantage of or tricking you into giving them money.

#2. If the price doesn’t match the look of the home

Be it a service apartment or hotel in Singapore, if the price doesn’t match the interiors of the flat, stay away. A two-bedroom apartment for S$20,000 or more and the interiors of the home aren’t complete? Either the listings got mislabeled, or it is an outright scam. The average price for a one-bedroom serviced unit costs around S$7,000-S$14,000, depending upon the location and how luxurious the apartment is. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of the pricing before making any arrangements and payments.

#3. If the home has bad and terrible layouts

Without a doubt, living in a service apartment in Singapore, especially in its heart and soul, can get pretty costly. However, if the one you got offered has the same price but with terrible layouts, unfinished interiors, or incomplete furniture pieces, it is yet another sign of a red flag! Never make a decision and payment in haste! Be sure to drop by and assess the place. Is the bedroom right beside your bathroom door? What are the ventilation systems near the dining area and kitchen? Do you only have one bathroom in a two-bedroom flat? If you are uncomfortable from the get-go, it’s best to skip it and move on to the following listing.


#4. If the landlord avoids questions about the community surrounding the property

The first visit is crucial. When you first visit the serviced apartment rental in Singapore, make sure to assess the entire place. If you see a toxic waste dump, a pest casually roaming around, a leaking oil drum in the neighbourhood, or any unfinished business the real estate agent didn’t tell you about, move on to the following listing and skip this one. You never know what else your realtor is keeping from you. Also, it pays to ask them crucial questions such as the following:

  • How much is the monthly rent?
  • Does the rent include any extra fees for each month?
  • What utilities include the rent?
  • If a security deposit applies, is it refundable? If so, what are the conditions for getting the entire security deposit back?
  • Is parking included?
  • What is the lease term?
  • What happens if you want or need to break the lease?
  • What is the visitor or guest policy? Do they have a schedule?
  • Can guests use the amenities?
  • How many people can live in the unit?
  • Are you allowed to change anything inside the flat?
  • How many sets of keys are there?


#5. If the real estate agents are hard to contact

Naturally, when you do business with a credible realtor or owner, they will always be reachable and communicate with you before and after settling the payment for the service apartment for rent in Singapore. However, there is a scam brewing if the real estate agent is always on another appointment or out of the country even before the target move-in date. Some even go as far as sending fake keys, fake access codes, fake unit numbers, or falsified documents. If your real estate is hard to contact, skip that one, find a new listing, and block that number. You don’t need unreliable, scamming realtors in your life.

The Takeaway

Most people got raised by their parents and lived half of their lives in their homes. As children, you may have probably believed that the only way to live when you become adults is with your parents. However, in reality, that isn’t always the case. Living with parents is the main reason why living alone is challenging. While ensuring you stay away from red flags when getting a serviced apartment rental in Singapore, you should also enjoy the perks and best things about renting a home.

When you opt for a service apartment for rent in Singapore, you can meet new neighbours, you will never have to worry about estate taxes and property values, and you can easily adjust your lifestyle according to your budget. More than that, you can also have access to different amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, snack bar, and the like. Biggest bonus? You can benefit from 24/7 security! If you’re considering moving out and living alone, consider a serviced apartment.

Here’s to independence and living alone! If you’re looking for an affordable serviced apartment in Singapore, find your new home with Coliwoo! You may contact them at +65 9790 8585 or head to their website.