Visiting An ENT Clinic In Singapore: The 4 Misconceptions To Address

Visiting an ENT clinic in Singapore for treatment procedures, consultation, medication, and other medical solutions should help your conditions. However, there are some cases where people have misconceptions about these things. It can be painting a particular consumer good as safe for the ears. Much research and evidence revolve around this, but people overlook the importance of properly using them.

Also, some would even believe that a few movements or exercises can alleviate their pain, for example, trying to control the flow of nasal bleeding.

Lastly, another case is when people undermine the benefits of getting surgery, and the consequence is not getting proper medical attention.

Let us explore some misconceptions about visiting an ear, nose, and throat clinic. The key is to enlighten yourself with factual knowledge and care for your health.


MYTH: Cotton swabs are safe, contrary to most research and publications because there is no way government and health agencies would allow them despite the allegations that they are unsafe for usage. Not to mention: You would see them in an ear, nose and throat clinic in Singaporealongside other medical facilities. Lastly, they clean the ears, so there is no way that these consumer goods are detrimental to one’s health.

TRUTH: You have to believe what credible scientific and medical publications say, and you are good to go. What does this mean? Cotton swabs can be unsafe when you go deeper inside the ear because they tend to push earwax instead of actually taking them out. Second, an ENT specialist inside a clinic in Singapore might use them, but only for applying creams or anything that does not involve going deep in one’s ears.

TIP: Cotton swabs are effective for small surfaces: Use them to clean the crevices of your laptop keyboard, Apple AirPods, hairdryer vents, and other hard-to-reach areas of your personal belongings. If you wish to use them on your ears, ask the ENT doctor for tips on avoiding further complications.




MYTH: All it takes is moving your head backwards to regulate the flow of your nasal bleeding case. Doing this lets the blood flow back into your body instead of dripping out, and there is no need for medication and immediate attention from the doctor because it is a waste of time. Also, nasal bleeding is not that serious in most cases, and there is nothing to worry about because the ENT doctor in Singapore will only conclude that they are usual occurrences in the body.

TRUTH: Home remedies or first aid techniques are effective, but there is no reason for people to skip the ENT clinic because some cases require immediate attention. Are you still bleeding after 10 to 15 minutes of squeezing your nose to stop it? Or your existing medical condition might be the reason for it? Reflect on these questions, and you will realise that visiting an ENT doctoris worth it, and not doing so only affects your health.

TIP: Aside from performing the necessary first aid techniques when a doctor is inaccessible, try to prioritise booking an appointment with an ENT specialist at a clinic or going directly to the emergency room when things get worse.




MYTH: Surgery is often a waste of time because the ENT doctor in Singapore can prescribe medication that works best for the condition. First, aside from moving your head backwards when bleeding or doing other home remedies, drinking a few antibiotics or pain relief drugs can do the job. There is no need to undergo painful surgery because of this. Second, ear, nose, and throat conditions are not life-threatening, and simple medical solutions are already enough.

TRUTH: Undermining the benefits of getting surgery, and addressing the root cause of your problem, will only consequence your health. First, even if things seem less severe and you only need a week’s worth of medication, there might be an underlying condition you do not know. Second, an ENT doctor from a clinic in Singapore will only suggest the appropriate medical solution for your need: It can be medication or surgery for severe cases that require immediate attention.

TIP: Visit an ENT doctorto talk about the necessary solution for your problem. On top of that, remove the thinking that you do not need surgery because it is wrong on many levels. Instead, realise that you might undergo them, and be thankful if they only require medication.


MYTH: Sleep apnoea is a condition where the person might stop breathing in the middle of their sleep, but it will eventually resume. With this, there is a possibility of not being able to breathe, experiencing a heart attack, and dying because of this complication. The challenging part about this is that it happens suddenly, and even the ENT doctorcannot save you because it is too late.

TRUTH: Never have this belief because it is not factual in most cases. First, while sleep apnoea is risky, it can never cause death because breathing immediately resumes when it stops. There is stimulation going on in the lungs, so you can prevent death. Second, an ENT specialist from a clinic in Singapore can treat and address sleep apnoea because of their skills, and there is no reason for you to feel hopeless.

TIP: Once you experience symptoms or discomfort during your sleep, immediately seek medical attention from an ENT clinicbecause they can help you with things through various solutions that suit your current health. Also, there is no possibility of death in most cases, and all you have to do is trust the doctor.

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