Everything You Need To Know About Double Glazing

Double glazing, also known as insulated, is the best option for safety and sound insulation, bringing more comfort, quality, and greater value to the installations. It is widely used in hospitals, hotels, homes, studios, and places with great sound intensity due to its high capacity to muffle external noise.

Acoustic insulation mainly depends on the thickness of the glass, the use of laminated glass, and the quality of the frames. To improve the acoustic performance, it is recommended to incorporate one or two laminated glasses into the insulated glass system to attenuate the vibrations produced on the surface of the glasses when receiving sound waves. As it is made up of glass considered safe, such as tempered and laminated, double glazing protects accidents like double glazing windows Crystal Palace.

How Is Double Glazing Manufactured?

Double Glass

The double-glazing system combines two sheets of glass, linked by an aluminum profile, with an inner layer of dry air, which may or may not contain argon gas. Double glazing consists of two layers of glass divided from each other with a double seal where the first does not allow for gas exchange, and the second, of aluminum, guarantees stability to the glass. Inside the aluminum profile, there is a hydro-drying agent to guarantee the absence of moisture.

Thermal Protection

Double glazing also has a high performance in thermal protection, increasing insulation by 100%, eliminating moisture condensation on the glass, blocking the ‘cold wall’ effect, and increasing comfort next to the glass. Very effective, this material makes it possible to increase the glazed areas without compromising the comfort and electricity consumption of the air conditioning on site.

What Types Of Glass Make Up Double Glazing?

To obtain double glazing, different types of glass can be combined. Common and tempered glass, common and laminated, or two laminated glasses may be associated, or even value-added glass, such as solar control or colored glass. To define this composition, first, it is verified the sound intensity of the environment and the protection desired by the customer in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation.

Solar Protection

Combined with the Solar Protection Glass, the insulated glass provides energy savings with air conditioning. Combined with laminated glass, blocking up to 99% of UV rays is obtained, which guarantees protection for furniture and other objects exposed to the sun, regulation of light ingress, and greater privacy.