5 Tips to Buy Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks or dump trucks are used to transport brut matter, such as gravel, earth, sand, rocks, and sometimes rumble. Buying a tipper truck at truck sales is not the same as buying a cabin truck. There are many factors to consider. Here we have shared a few tips to buy the best one. 

  • Speak to the Dealer 

Expert opinion always counts in such purchases. It will help if you use the expertise of the dealer in buying the tipper truck. Explain your usage needs to get the right advice. A good dealer would know the tipper truck specs and performance and the legal regulations in your area. 

You also need to mention how many highway miles you will be travelling every day, what you will haul, and how long you plan to use the dump truck. All this information will help the dealer determine appropriate suspension, right gross vehicle weight rate, and tyre treads you need. 

  • Select the Right Engine 

The basic objective of buying at truck sales is to buy the right truck at a lower price. Dump trucks are expensive, and their costs are directly related to engine power. You need to focus on purchasing horsepower slightly more than you need but avoid buying a large, powerful engine. This will ensure you will never feel the truck is underpowered when hauling loads on hilly terrain. 

  1. Axle Requirements and Weight Hauling Needs  

The truck manufacturer mentions gross vehicle weight rating, indicating its maximum operating weight. This includes the weight of the body, chassis, engine, fuel, driver, and cargo weight. The Federal law in Australia limits the tipper truck’s gross weight based on the number of axles in the truck. These laws are intended to protect bridges and highways from excessive damage. 

The fewer axles the tipper truck has, the lower weight it is allowed to carry on public roads. You need to check with the local transport authority about the number of axles and weight capacities before buying a tipper truck. 

  • Transmission 

You have two options in transmission – manual and automatic. Both transmissions have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Manual Transmission – It is a popular transmission choice for tipper trucks. The reason is manual transmission offers a wide range of gear options and performance. The more gear options the dump truck has, the driver will find it easier to match the truck’s engine speed to the task. For example, a lower gear will provide good manoeuvrability on soft mud and sand. 
  • Automatic Transmission – It is more expensive than manual transmission but offers many advantages. For example, the driver does not have to change gears and can pay full attention to the steering wheel. Since it has no gears to shift or clutch, the driver experiences less fatigue.  
  • Body Material 

Contractors using dump trucks insist on aluminium bodies. This reduces the truck’s overall weight. It makes an excellent option for hauling dirt and sand. If you plan to haul harsh materials like gravel, concrete, or asphalt, a softer aluminium body might not be the right choice. 

The best thing about a tipper truck is there is always a need to haul big loads, and the truck can earn a good income for you. You may just follow the tips given above when buying a tipper truck to ensure you don’t spend more money unnecessarily.