Factors To Check When Selecting The Best Servo Motor

Servomotors are electric motors that enable the user the precise control of position, velocity, and acceleration. All servo motors are different; some offer greater acceleration, velocity than the other. The acceleration and velocity depend on the magnets that are used to create rotational motion in the motors. The more the number of magnetic poles lowers the RPMs and higher the torque, the lower the number of magnetic poles more the spin but low torque.

There are wide varieties of servomotors (มอเตอร์ เซอร์ โว, which is the term in Thai) that industries and consumer use for different applications. Servomotors are perfect to be used in the different machines that why they are a popular choice among the engineer and designers.

The delicate machinery is used inside a Servo Motor. To use the motor for your specific application, you need to take into account certain factors.

Top Three Factors That You Can Check

To find the perfect Servo Motors for yourself, you should consider the purpose behind the use of servomotor. The process of selecting the motor according to your need and application is known as motor sizing. When motor sizing, engineers need to calculate the following things that go into the application- payload weight, distance and time in between the cycling movement, and speed and acceleration require for completing the task.  Once you have figure out the application and requirement, you need to check the following top factor to which servomotor will better suit your application.

·       Continuous Torque

Continuous torque in the engineering world means root mean square torque (RMS).  The RMS torque is the time-weighted average of torque in the complete cycle. The engineer needs to check the RMS curve must fall torque curve continuous region, which tells the motor can maintain the required speed.

·       Peak Torque

Peak Torque means the maximum torque a motor can achieve during the cycle. A motor cannot maintain its peak torque constantly. Therefore, you need to see the peak torque you require for your application and buy the servomotor whose peak torque that you require to fall in the motor’s torque continuous region.

·       Speed

Speed of motor is usually calculated in rpm (Rotations Per Minute). The speed and torque are inversely related to each other. That means more the speed lower will be the peak torque you are going to get from the motor. Another factor that increases the speed of the motor is the Low poles count. Low pole count offers higher speed, and that makes the torques fall.