Why Electric Vehicles Are The Future As They Are Finally Taking Off

There has been a lot of hype around the use of electric vehicles as they have been touted as the future of the automotive industry for some time now. Due to the pollution that is emitted into the atmosphere from polluting diesel and petrol cars, we have been told multiple times that electricity is the way forward, and although that might be right, we haven’t been able to believe it… until now.

[Image: Hypebeast]

Although diesel and petrol cars are still dominating the market, we are starting to see encouraging signs that that electric is starting to take over. In fact, in 2020, Norway became the first country in the world to sell more electric cars than petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles which is astonishing and something that we expect to be a trend in the coming years. Although we might be a long way off the major countries being able to say they are electric-dominate, but it certainly is a promising start.

The main reasons why electric vehicles are starting to become more popular on the market is due to the fact that the quality of the electric vehicles has gone through the roof and are now rather impressive. When electric vehicles were initially brought onto the market some decades account, the quality of them was poor, the range that they could go on a full charge was limited and charging stations were few and far between however, now technology has improved and increased, we are starting to see the popularity of electric vehicles rise.

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Although we don’t believe that total domination across the world by electric vehicles within the next 5 years, we are certainly predicting that the sales are going to increase over this time. Not only that, as time goes on and the future closes in, we can fully affirm that in our lifetimes we will be taken over by electric vehicles due to the benefits that they have on not just the globe, but to the consumer too.