Shoes and comfort go hand in hand

Shoes are a spot of weakness for the ladies. They love adding some nice and fashionable pairs to their wardrobe but it is also true that some styles of shoes are more comfortable than the others. Also, there are certain shoes that go well with certain styles. Hence one has to figure out on their own, which are the shoe styles they must have in their wardrobe.

In the meantime, these are the popular varieties to choose from:


Wearing a wedge heel can definitely give one’s outfit a more polished look and one can save themselves from wearing certain excruciating heels. One can go for lower wedges as well if they want to ditch any kind of high heels.


This is a practical and casual style which one can carry as everyday footwear. Ballet pumps are flat slipper kinds which one must have in their wardrobe for any kind of casual outings. They are those versatile shoes which come in many colours, prints and patterns. Classic ballerinas are either black or with nude shades. One can match them up with any outfit.

Lace Ups

As the name says these are the shoes that fasten with laces. They can be loafers, brogues, heels, pumps and even any other shoes. Lace up shoes are said to have a better grip on the feet and they are slightly sturdier than any other shoes because it can provide with some support on their feet.

Canvas Shoes

They are lightweight and a bit sportier than the other shoes. Canvas shoes are a great choice when one is pairing them with casual wears. They are practical, comfortable and are available in almost every pattern and colour. One can match them with a summer dresses, shorts and even with a pair of jeans.

Wellington Boots

They are traditionally known by this name and it is a trusty pair of shoes for women which are not only stylish but practical as well. This is the perfect pair of shoes in winter because it can keep the feet warm. They are thick and rubber boots which come with chunky sole and hence one can use them if they have to walk through difficult roads.

Flip Flops

It is a must in every shoe wardrobe because it is a perfect summer shoe. When one is heading for a beach holiday or just want to have fun in a pool date, then they must go for this. These shoes are lightweight and airy and they have very basic styles. They are very versatile and come in range in patterns and so one can pair them with any kind if summer dresses and beach wears.


It is an open backed shoe which has a closed front as well. They are perfect when one is out for casually. One can easily wear them but they have a better grip than the flip flops.

If one is looking for comfortable footwear for ladies, then these all can be great options and one can mix and match them with their outfits.