How to choose, and style your diamond bracelet?

Diamond bracelets are the perfect way to add some luxury to any simple outfit. Even if one is not going out on an occasion but just out for a casual date or outing, one can adorn a light sparkle on their wrist with whatever outfit they choose to wear. Another great thing about bracelets is that, they perfectly match with both Indian, and Western wear.

When looking for diamond bracelets, one can get to see various styles these days, and they have enough designs to choose from. So, it can be a bit challenging on where to start from. There are many styles, including the statement ones that one can see at any offline or online diamond stores. But which style to choose, depends on one’s personal style preference. In fact, one can own more than one design.

Different styles of diamond bracelets

There are some significant styles that have become popular over the years. If one has a clear idea about those, it becomes easy to pick the right style.

Bangle bracelets

It is indeed a very popular, and traditional style when it comes to bracelets. They are made from a single metal band that can either be plain with one diamond at the center or can be adorned with diamonds. One can wear them with gowns or a saree when going out for any occasion. It can be stacked up with other bracelets as well to perk up the style.

Link bracelets

As the name says, it is made with a series of interconnected links that are adorned with tiny pieces of diamonds.  One can find them in different designs like a classic one or an edgy one. One can wear them with dresses, shorts, kurtis, and even with formal attires.

Tennis bracelets

It is a classic style of bracelet where row of diamonds is set on a metal band. The name is borrowed from the sport because it was tennis players who made the style popular while playing in the court. One can choose white gold as a metal here, to add some more sparkle to it. They are sleek, and can be worn with western wears.

Charm diamond bracelets

It is a unique design to add to a jewellery collection. They come with a series of charms (as the name suggests), that can be symbols, initials or other things. They look quite elegant when come in floral or butterfly designs.

How to style the bracelets?

Diamond bracelets are worn in different ways, and it depends on the outfit one is choosing to wear. Wearing multiple sleek bracelets with one diamond bracelet can give one a chic look. Going for only one bracelet gives an elegant look which are best for the parties. If one has a statement piece, it is a good idea to wear it as a single piece. Layering them with other jewellery pieces like a watch or a sleek necklace can also work wonders.

The diamond bracelets should be worn depending on style choices, and the occasion. Also, one needs to pick up the style of the bracelet depending on what outfit they are wearing it with. Also, choosing the right metal for the bracelet is important. Most people go for gold, and silver. In case of signature pieces, one can choose platinum as the precious metal. One should also choose the diamond pieces carefully. The price of them depends on the quality, and cut of it. If one is under a tight budget, going for sleek bracelets can be a great idea that one can style casually. If it is a signature piece, one can go for solitaire pieces.