Spinning Reels: Everything You Need To Know

Most beginner anglers start in the sport using basic fishing gear. They need to invest in fundamental fishing devices so they will fully enjoy the sport. One of the gears that beginners should purchase if they want to explore the sport is a spinning reel. It is a fitting fishing instrument for going after different river and lake fish species. 

But like most equipment, spinning reels require you to master different fishing techniques to ensure that you can catch as many fish as possible. Here are several ways to use this fishing gear to its full potential.  

Basic Facts About Spinning Reels

The spinning reels, also referred to as the open face reels in the angling world, are located directly under the rod. It always comes with a fixed spool, which means that it will not rotate when casting in the waters. 

This gear has a spool levelled with the rod’s length, making the line come off at an irregular angle. This feature helps lessen the span of casts that you need to throw compared to baitcasters. Also, its overall design can trim down the gear ratio compared to other types of reels. 

Parts Of Spinning Reel

There are five major components in a spinning reel. They include the drag, the spool, the bail, the anti-reverse switch, and the handle. You need to know the function of all these parts to understand how this reel works. 

  • Drag – The drag system in spinning reels can include or remove the tension in your fishing line. It has a knob placed on the top or back of the spool to let you modify the frictionless plates or fine-tune the tension. 
  • Spool – You will find the spool under the drag adjustment of your spinning reels. It covers your fishing line and works distinctly for the reel. 
  • Bail – This spinning reel component serves two important purposes. The first one is for triggering the cast. You need to activate the bail to make your line spool off properly. Its other function is to help keep the fishing line straight as it rolls on and off the spool. Without this component, the fishing line will function in any direction. 
  • Anti-Reverse Switch – It is usually found at the bottom of the reel. It is used primarily to fight the fish as it tries to pry away from the fishing gear. 
  • Handle – Unlike baitcasting reels where you need to find something that suits your hand dominance, spinning reels have a handle that you can operate using your left or right hand. You only need to unscrew the knob located on the other side of the handle. 

Spinning reels can provide plenty of versatility that beginner anglers can utilise for different fishing techniques. It will let you practice different casting styles so you can find the right method that suits you. This gear has a very simple working mechanism, making it easy to get the hang of it in the long run. As long as you understand the basic function of spinning reels, you will enjoy using it for all your angling adventures for years to come. It will also let you turn into a beginner to a professional angler once you finally learn how to use it like the experts.