Top Four Flowers Used in Australian Weddings

The landmass of Australia is massive with an area of 7,692,024 square kilometres; different regions of the continent have extreme climates ranging from hot and dry deserts in the inner regions to tropical climates near the coastal areas. 

Australians are laid back and have casual demeanour. Nevertheless, they are professionals when it comes to their work. More often than not, Australian males are prioritizing their work so much that they no longer have time to order flowers online in Australia and go out on romantic dates. Data shows that marriages are on the decline with recent figures of marriages for the recent years being down by 4282 since 2011. Nevertheless, the romance of marriage is still very much alive in Australia with November and March having the greatest number of marriages scheduled every year. 

If you find yourself planning for your wedding, you must be overwhelmed by now about the different decision processes involved in the event. Choosing the venue, the cuisine, the guest list, and other aspects of the wedding may be a challenging task. So, let this article lighten your load by giving you a guide on which flowers will work best for your wedding. 

What Flowers Are Best for Weddings? 

There is no “best” flower for a wedding. Each variety of the flower can be used for a wedding since the best flower will come down to the personal preference of both the bride and the groom. However, some flowers should not be included in a wedding bouquet. Poppies, for example, have pollen that may stain a white dress. Daffodils should also be avoided because they produce a toxic sap that can kill other flowers when arranged together in a vase. 

Other factors that may affect the choice of wedding flowers may include which flowers are in season and the cost of the flowers. Flowers that are currently in bloom are much cheaper than off-season flowers. Nevertheless, here are the most common flowers that are used in weddings. 

  • Roses. Roses have long been the symbol of romance, love, and beauty. Roses are also the most common flowers used in fairy tales and romance novels. It, therefore, follows that roses are among the most sought-after wedding flowers. 
  • Tulips. Tulips are also a meaningful choice for wedding flowers. Tulips, which originated from Persia, is a symbol for happy years filled with consuming love. Tulips are also ideal flowers for a wedding since they come in a variety of colours that can complement any colour motif of a wedding. 
  • Calla Lilies. Arum lilies will make any wedding appear elegant. This flower species symbolizes “magnificent beauty”. When you order flowers online in Australia for a wedding event, always ask for creamy ivory coloured Calla Lilies, which is the most common colour being used for weddings. 
  • Gardenia. Gardenias have a strong, sultry scent. When gardenias are used in weddings, they are used sparingly tucked into a bouquet or are placed in water-filled bowls as centrepieces during reception dinners. Nevertheless, single flowers of gardenias may be used as lapel accents for groomsmen of the entourage. 

The four flowers listed above are tried and tested wedding flowers. However, this list should not limit your imagination for the type of flowers you want in your wedding. Remember, the ultimate decision will be made by you and your spouse. It is recommended, however, to order flowers online in Australia to check for the flowers in season.