What are the Different Workers’ Compensation Laws in the Different States?

The workers’ compensation laws vary from one state to another. Therefore, if you wish to claim for the workers’ compensation from your employer, you need to research the respective laws of your state. You can also consult with an experienced and licensed workers’ compensation attorney like Perry Bundy Plyler& Long LLP in your state to initiate with the process of claim. Each state except the state of Texas has its own workers’ compensation law. The state of Texas is the only state which counts the workers’ compensation law optional for the employers. Though the number of employees is the basic determining factor for the workers’ compensation insurance, the employers need to perform the same the moment they hire their first employee.

Some states are very strict laws on workers’ compensation resulting in severe penalties for the employers. Though the consequence of not performing the workers’ compensation laws varies from one state to another, almost in every state, the violation of workers’ compensation laws results in either a penalty of fine or imprisonment or both fine and imprisonment. The state of California imposes up to one year of imprisonment and $10000 fine or both for a violation of workers’ compensation law. Similarly, the state of Illinois imposes $500 for each day and the total must not be less than $ 10000.

The fines in New York range from $ 1000 to $ 50000 along with a penalty of $ 2000 for every 10 days upon every case of violation of workers’ compensation. In the state of Pennsylvania, the noncompliance of workers’ compensation is treated as intentional with third-degree felony and a fine of $ 15000 including 7 years imprisonment. However, in North Dakota, Washington, Ohio and Wyoming, the employers have to purchase workers’ compensation from the state fund.