A box with fresh homemade donuts with icing.

 6 Marvellous Desserts to suit every occasion

 “No matter how much I eat, there is always room for dessert. Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach. Dessert goes to the heart.”

 For every problem there comes a sweet solution in the form of some scrumptious dessert. The meal seems to be fully complete until a dessert course has been relished by all. Be it that one is craving to satiate their dessert cravings or is about to throw a party, desserts are much needed to make way through everyone’s heart. Here are a few marvellously versatile desserts of all times that are absolutely loved by all across various special occasions.


  1. Cakes – If you have a lot of people coming to your party, then a cake is much needed. Not just a party essential, but cakes are the dessert which can easily become a sweet token of love ( or gift) easily because of its taste and charm. A crowd-pleaser due to its unmatched taste and appeal, cakes have been designed for every special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, farewell or even to convey slime of the deepest feelings like that of love, gratitude or best wishes. You can absolutely opt for the online cake delivery in Mumbai, Delhi or whichever part that you are residing into avail same day, midnight or express delivery.  
  2. Jar Cakes – If you think relishing a whole cake will be a task for you, then jar cakes are sure to hold a special place in everyone’s heart.  Quite just like the cakes which you can get in any flavour, be it chocolate, red velvet, etc., jar cakes are a mini version of a whole pound of cake which is equally tempting as them. A jar cake comes in a jar as the name quite explicitly suggests and is perfect to be relished after a birthday or anniversary dinner. 
  3. CupCakes – Adding fanciness to the regular muffins, cupcakes are moist and frosted with flavoured frosting and lots of love. From having a beautiful appeal to its fluffy texture and toothsome taste, cupcakes are perfectly sweetened with sugar to suit everyone’s sweet expectations. 
  4. Cookies – They are cute. They are addictive. The constant munching is what leaves everyone gushing at a tea party. Also, when topped up with some sprinkles or chocolate chips and presented in a gift box, it makes every celebratory occasion a major hit. What’s there not to love about cookies, you will know it once you start nibbling it.
  5. Pudding – Initially for Americans, desserts used to mean nothing except for pudding. It’s light, creamy and rich in its sweet goodnesses which is what makes it one of the most preferred go-to options for desserts. Both kids and the oldies love to relish pudding which is what makes it a classic dessert till date.
  6. Milkshake – Cold drinks or hard drinks like alcohol are no doubt a major hit across parties, but milkshakes seem to be a healthier option when it comes to drinks. The fruits like strawberry, kiwi, mango, etc, have their own goodnesses to look forward to and it comes combined with that of milk to make it seem like a perfectly fuss-free milkshake to make. 

So, these were top 6 marvellous desserts to suit every occasion, making the occasion memorable for the rest of everyone’s lives.