Difference between leather and fabric upholstery

Upholstery is a blessing for all those who want to make their sofas and chairs look trendy. It gives you the privilege to modernize your old furniture and alter your custom made sofa in the way you want. Upholstery is an art of making your furniture items turn into a beautiful and stylish piece of decoration by adding different fabrics and padding.

It makes your sofa or armchair more comfortable. When you go to purchase a custom made sofa, upholstery plays a significant role in making it unique and more beneficial. It is also used as a synonym to the fabric for covering on furniture.

It is never easy to decide which fabric you will use to make your sofa. There are several types available in the market, and all of them ensure significant advantages. The decision is not only between fabrics; the first decision you have to make is between fabric or leather upholstery. Both are used as covering on the sofa but may provide different benefits. Their perks and benefits make them different. Leather is a natural material, and fabric contains a vast range of natural and synthetic material.

Here I have arranged a brief description of the pros and cons of both fabric and leather upholstery. That might clear the difference between the two based on the advantages they provide.

Leather Upholstery:

Leather is a natural material, and it is commonly in use of our daily lives. Look at the belt, shoes and bags, all of them are made of leather. If you are drawn to leather, the reason might be its universal color, durability and easy cleaning. Here is the list of benefits you might have:

  • Hypoallergenic: Leather upholstery  is a tremendous anti-allergic material. It doesn’t let dust mites and allergic elements stay on the surface. So it’s an excellent choice for people with allergic issues
  • Looks: A leather sofa provides your room elegance and decency which any fabric can’t. It goes with all types of décor, modern or traditional. A classic leather chair in your formal sitting room gives a strong message of high-class standards. Leather upholstery is also known as high-end material.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Cleaning and maintaining a leather upholstery is much more comfortable. It does not let dust or stain stay at the leather surface, and cleaning might require a simple dusting or damp cloth rubs on any stain if found.
  • Cost: The only drawback of leather is its cost. It is more expensive than any fabrics that are used. But looking carefully you may find that they are durable and low in maintenance as compared to fabrics that might equal your plus and minus in budget.

Fabric upholstery:

Fabrics are widely popular because of the vast range of varieties and types. Leather is leather only one time with few variations. On the other hand, the fabric has an extensive collection, like; cotton, linen, wool, velvet, and then synthetic fabric range is also there. Few of its advantages are:

  • Comfort: Fabric upholsteryis much more comfortable than leather. For instance, the fabric absorbs heat and keeps your seats regular, whereas, leather doesn’t and you might feel hot in summer and cold in winter.
  • Maintenance: Leather is easy to maintain, so do the many types of fabric too. You may select according to your choice, and you may easily find the types which are easy to clean and don’t let stains stay on the surface. Take an example of cotton fabric; it is available in different grades and high in quality. It is also fade and wear & tear-resistant material.
  • Budget-Friendly: Large collection of fabric gives you the privilege to select material according to your budget and do not worry because you will find designs, patterns and quality in every type.
  • Appearance: Few fabric upholsteries are exceptional in their appearance. Like velvet fabric may brighten up the colors with light and make your room look more beautiful.

So what should you choose?

Both materials have their own sets of perks and drawbacks at the end of the day; it’s you who have to select according to your priorities – comfort or durability.