It is done with the help of hot, smooth & flat stones.

Hot stone rub down is a sort of rub down remedy that entails the usage of clean, heat stone. The 오피스타 rub down therapist locations the recent stones on particular factors to your frame and might additionally keep the stone even as give the rub down.

The localized warmth and weights of the stone heat and loosen up muscle, permitting the rub down therapist to use deeper strain to the ones regions without inflicting discomforts.

Basic of hot stone massages

The hallmark of warm stone rubs down is the usage of heat stone. Basalt river rock is generally used due to these facts they’re clean from the river currents and preserve warmth well.

In all of the guidance for the treatment, the rub down therapist heats the stones in an expert stone heater till they’re inside a particular temperatures range, generally among one hundred ten and one hundred thirty-five. To save you burn, microwave, oven, warm plate, and sluggish cookers need to in no way be used.

While rub down therapists frequently use anatomy to manual the position of the stones, a few therapists will even wear a stone on factors notion to energetically stabilize the thoughts and frame.

Swedish rub down remedy strategies are generally used for the duration of the rub down, which can also additionally consist of lengthy strokes as well as knead and roll.


Many of the persons are frequently describe your warm stone rub down as comfort and deeply enjoyable. The warm temperature is soothing for those who have a tendency to experience chilly weather.

The warmth of the stone relaxes muscle, permitting the therapist to paintings deeper even as the use of light strain. There is a loss of studies at the advantages of warm stone rub down.

Although a few initial researches that have recommended that rub down, in general, can also additionally offer advantages to humans with situations which include prenatal depression, ache syndromes consisting of arthritis or fibromyalgia, hyper-tension, auto-immune situations as well as it will be aging associated situations which include Parkinson’s and dementia.

People are frequently use warm stone rub down for the subsequent situations:

  • Tension
  • Ache in back
  • Low spirits
  • Inability to sleep soundly


A hot stone massage is one of the best massages. It is used to help for relaxing as well as calm your tight muscles as well as damage your soft tissue during the whole of your body.