Lionheart Commercial Roofing: Replacement or Re-Roofing

When your roof reaches a point of significant issues due to regular repairs end of the lifespan, the question is what you should do next. Some people choose a replacement to ensure both efficiency and appearance of commercial property.

We can all agree that replacement is one of the most significant investments, especially when you wish to do it in a commercial building. Generally, it involves disposing of and removing the existing system and replacing it with a completely new option. You should check here to learn more on how to hire a contractor with ease.

Although it is a time-consuming option, you should make sure to protect the building from leaks and weather conditions. You should consider a few things when replacing everything, including getting an experienced contractor who understands local building codes and installation processes.

Besides, you should get relevant permits that will provide you peace of mind. The material you choose will offer you long-term efficiency, longevity, and other factors, while most commercial applications are more complex and larger than residential, meaning you should think about fire resistance properties too.

When you do it correctly, you can ensure that your building can stand the test of time for the next century or less, depending on the material you choose.

Commercial Re-Roofing

You should know that re-roofing is changing the system without tearing down the existing one. It is a more affordable and faster way to restore efficiency, appearance, and durability while ensuring additional protection.

Commercial re-roofing is a perfect idea if you have reached the end of your lifespan, but the materials are in perfect shape, and you do not have water damage issues. It involves retrofitting, restoration, and repair. The existing installation will refit and seal on the new membrane that will go over the old one.

The inspector will check out the situation to determine whether the supporting structure and current insulation membrane can support the additional weight. Of course, you should know that you can re-roof just once, meaning if you have only one layer of the membrane.

The best thing about re-roofing is the more affordable price tag compared with the overall replacement. You can rest assured that you do not have to think about installing new structural support or deck, meaning the project will not require extensive labor, time consumption, and materials.

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Commercial Replacement

You should know that the replacement includes tearing the entire system and rebuilding it from scratch. We are talking about the deck, insulation board, and everything. The new roofing system must meet state and local codes before installation, which is important to remember.

Roof replacement will address all issues you have, meaning you will end up with safety as a result. The installation requires more time and money because you will not leave damaged and old membrane layers. With the replacement, the end result will be more durable, which can offer you peace of mind.

While replacement is more expensive than re-roofing, it will save you more money in the long run because you will address all issues, identify them and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Remember that repairs can be costly as well.

At the same time, materials must withstand harsh weather conditions, humidity, and debris, which is why you should find a contractor who has experience with commercial systems.

Reasons for Replacement

Replacing your roof after a harsh weather condition that caused damage is a wise thing to do. You can also replace the shingles when they reach a point of significant wear and tear. Remember that leakage can damage other materials, too, meaning you will end up with a more expensive option.

You should understand the reasons for replacement in the first place.

  • Expenses – Although the new system may seem like a challenging and daunting process, you should know that several repairs are not as affordable, especially if you have persistent issues. Therefore, if you must bring someone to repair it a few times a year, it is more affordable to replace the entire thing.

The main goal is to understand when to call Lionheart roofing, which will help you determine different options you can choose.

  • Activity – The expense of repairing over and over can end up becoming more expensive than a single investment that will allow you to handle the entire thing. One-time replacement will come with a warranty, so you can rest assured and conduct regular inspections to check out for potential problems. Generally, it is more profitable to invest more at first and enjoy for the next few decades at least.