NJDEP Permit Compliance Isn’t Just a Good Idea… It’s the Law!


Commercial establishments and facilities in the Garden State need to comply with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection or NJDEP’s various air, water, land, and waste management requirements. An NJDEP permit indicates that the company adheres to strict guidelines in handling specific machinery, activities, and processes. 

Environmental rules like NJDEP permit requirements are in place to impose limits on actions that may endanger the environment and those who live in it. For example, companies that employ equipment or operations that exhaust pollutants into the environment must get air permits. This permit is required in order to meet the state’s air quality criteria.

Following these policies shows attentiveness to keeping the environment sustainable. Maintaining NJDEP permit compliance is one step toward improving the company’s reputation and expanding revenue opportunities. 

While these laws are necessary to protect the welfare and health of New Jersey residents, they also expose facility owners and operators to additional costs as well as the risk of legal action if they fail to comply. Keeping track of NJDEP permit applications, data gathering, following submission dates, identifying procedures that require environmental permits, and connecting with regulators can be extremely difficult and costly. Compliance issues might also arise if someone does it without proper knowledge of current NJDEP regulations. 

Issues with the NJDEP compliance can go undiscovered for years. When these problems are finally found during an audit or inspection, corporations can be held liable for non-compliance and potentially hazardous environmental mistakes.

Fortunately, New Jersey establishments do not have to handle the permit application ordeal alone. NJ air permit consultant from Lockatong Engineering can help entities with NJDEP permit processing, inspections, and other obligations with care.

Get more insightson NJDEP permit compliance and why New Jersey commercial facilities need a permit consultant in an infographic from Lockatong Engineering.