Slot Machines & Their Types

There are many types of slot machines, which can be found in land-based as well as online casinos. One such situs Judi online is where people can find these types of slot games. The rules of the slot games are the same but winning options are different. This helps the people to win a lot of money if they choose the right kind of slot machine. In this article, we will discuss different types of slot machines.


This is a slot machine that was originated in Australia. After 20 years, it became popular in America and from there it became popular all over the globe. In this type of slot machine, people have the option of choosing the number of pay lines that they want to play. Along with it, they can also choose the number of coins that they want to use for placing a bet. It is a recommendation that for each pay line, players should use a single coin although they can also use multiple coins for a single pay line. This will help them to eliminate the chance of missing any winning combination. Some of the games also have the option of bonuses and people need to keep track of them.


This slot machine is the ancestor of a multi-coin/multi-line slot machine. The popularity of the machine has gone down because of its descendant. In the multi-line slot machine, players have the option of choosing multiple pay lines. But they can use only one coin per line. As the players are habituated to using multiple coins per pay line, so multi-line slot machine has lost its popularity.


This is a slot machine in which if a player uses additional coins then for each additional coin, one or more winning combinations are unlocked. People can risk a maximum number of coins as many winning combinations are unlocked and they can win with the help of one or more winning combinations.

Hidden Buy-a-Pays

This game was developed by John Robinson. In this game, people get a chance to win only if they use a maximum number of coins. The percentage of payback is average but it can be increased if people keep a check on the pay table on which bonuses can be activated by using a maximum number of coins.

Straight Multiplayer

This is a slot machine in which players have the option of unlocking all the winning combinations with the help of a single coin. If more coins are used, then each coin will help to increase the amount of the winning combinations. Experts say that it is a better option to use a single coin rather than using multiple coins.

Bonus Multipliers

The slot game is the same as the straight multiplier slot game. Besides multiplication of the winning combinations, the machine also provides the option of bonus payout, which depends on the jackpot of the highest amount. The chance of bonus is very less so people use only a single coin.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the slot machines available on websites like situs Judi online. They are very popular and people can use them to win a lot of money. They have to think about the number of coins, which they need to use in each slot machine. This is the best strategy to be safe from losses.