What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Cost Years After Installation?

Installing solar panels at your home might be one of the best investments you can make. Not only will you be saving money, which makes you happy, but you will also help save the environment, making the planet happy.

The sooner we see more people switching to solar power, the sooner we can move to a more sustainable future on Earth.

But what about ongoing cost? What does solar panel maintenance cost? Will they ever need replacing? Or will they last forever? Read on to see what ongoing costs are associated with your new panels.

Solar Panel Repair and Replacement Costs

It’s unlikely that you will need to replace any parts of your panels after installation. If you do, solar panel warranties often last a long time and will cover the cost of replacement parts.

Shipping and installation fees may be required. It’s helpful to compare warranty terms from different manufacturers before choosing a company.

The cost of replacement installation may be provided by different solar power installation companies. Make sure to ask your local installers the terms of their individual warranties before hiring them.

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Cost?

When you have high-quality solar panels professionally installed on your home, you can expect them to be low maintenance. There simply isn’t much work required to keep your panels working.

Panels installed at a tilt will be cleaned by rainfall. However, cleaning may be a good idea in excessively dusty environments. Panel cleaning fees are around $10 per panel.

Your installer may offer an annual service plan to ensure optimal function of your panels and spot any potential issues before they become a problem. These plans are very affordable, around a couple of hundred dollars per year. Some installers may even include this in their installation warranty.

Tree Trimming Costs

Solar panels are designed to last a very long time. How long do solar panels last? Most warranties cover your first 25 years of ownership. However, panels will continue to work well after 25 years.

What could happen to your yard in that time span? If you have trees near your roof, they can grow quite a bit and provide too much shade for your panels.

Having trees trimmed can cost between $100 and $1,000, depending on the size, type, and age of the tree. Trimming trees ensures your panels receive as much sunlight as possible to maximize efficiency.

Save on Energy, Save the Planet

Are solar panels a good investment? Absolutely. With a low solar panel maintenance cost, ongoing ownership of solar panels is very cost-effective.

Not only will they help save you money on rising energy costs over the course of the next few decades, but they increase the value of your home. Solar panel ROI is high if you consider the long term benefits.

They also support our future on planet earth, something we need to consider with every purchase.  If you can afford the initial investment, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider solar panel installation on your home.

And if you are looking for additional tips on sustainable living and home technology, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.