10 Avoidable Online Furniture Shopping Mistakes for Homeowners in Singapore


Nowadays, you can access almost every type of product through the internet. Ecommerce websites hold every imaginable product, from essential items like tissue papers to an affordable ergonomic chair. However, there are a lot of mistakes that you cannot avoid making.

Avoidable Online Shopping Mistakes

It can be tricky buying furniture from online stores. Many stores hold frequent sales promotions to entice customers to buy their products. Here are some avoidable mistakes most people commit when online furniture shopping from stores in Singapore.

#1 Free Shipping Inequalities

Shipping is the most costly aspect of furniture delivery. It has the potential to cover up to 35% of the cost, making free shipping offers of online furniture stores in Singapore extremely enticing. You will want the best delivery with the least amount of damage. Talk with the vendor to see whether their service is appropriate for you. The only downside is that it takes a little longer than typical delivery, but it is a small price to pay to ensure your furniture arrives intact.

#2 Unwittingly Choosing the Wrong Colour

Every lighting combination in displays and showrooms will make the same colour appear different. Moreover, some of the variances are more pronounced. The quantity of light in a room impacts how something can appear. Products will appear radically different in showrooms and other locations depending on their placement and the light and shadow they get. This regulation also applies to items of the same hue manufactured by different companies. Understand that the sofa you bought online in Singapore will look different from their photo than in actuality.

#3 Natural Materials Fade

Most artificial and natural materials can distress when exposed to light––wood, textiles, and leather kinds degrade. However, it does mean you cannot go online to buy furniture from stores in Singapore. Most fine furniture has some degree of artificial distressing in the finish to give it a more fashionable, antique, or aged appearance. Every distressed item is unique. You should not anticipate precise matching between products. Natural materials all react differently to finishes. There is always some form of light indoors, whether from a window or a lamp.

#4 Wobble is Not Manufacturers’ Mistakes

Wobbly furniture is not usually indicative of a manufacturing flaw. A piece of furniture has some mobility and will adjust itself. There are many small pieces of furniture, like coffee tables, for sale everywhere. You can modify the levellers or shims under the legs if you want perfectly level furniture. Wood furniture swells in humid environments and shrinks in dry places.

#5 Returns Can Still Cost You

Before placing your order, always read the tiny print in the return policy. Look for items that might be problematic. Return policies can differ between brands and shops. The boxes are all thrown aside in a standard delivery scheme with assembly. Return fees vary depending on the time limit, so be sure you know how long you have to return goods. Some online furniture stores in Singapore will assume the shipping fee for returns. However, it is not always the case.


#6 Ill-Fitting Pieces of Furniture

Take measurements of the room where you wish to put furniture. It is a frequent error that many homeowners make while purchasing furniture. Measure the way to your area, and consider any entrances and stairs. Examine whether it will fit through your entrance door and the rest of your doorways. You will also need to measure the distance from the floor to the top of the furniture. The little task will either make or destroy you or buy. The worst-case scenario is that your new formal wooden dining room table and chair set does not make it into your home. You can take as many measurements as you like, but you can only place that order once.

#7 Impulse Buying

Spur of the moment or impulse buying is one of the most typical online furniture purchasing blunders in Singapore and worldwide. Do not immediately buy what caught your eyes, no matter how nice it appears or how enticing the bargain seems. Allow enough time to investigate it, determine whether it satisfies all requirements, and then make your final selection. It is a mistake that might lead to overpaying since the items you bought could not match your needs, lifestyle or personality. The least anyone wants to end up with is an extendable dining table when you need a more sophisticated piece of furniture.

#8 Failing to Research & Reading Reviews

One negative review does not always imply you should not buy the item. Nevertheless, avoid products with a high number of negative ratings. If you enjoy online furniture shopping from your Singapore home, never forget to read the user reviews. Researching the type of goods you desire may be tedious. However, ensure you get the best quality furniture.

#9 Sacrificing Quality and Comfort for Cost and Look

It is critical to keep to your budget and not overspend. Low-cost furniture does not always represent good value for money. Manufacturers often use low-quality materials to create cheap furniture that is readily destroyed and does not endure long. Look for good-quality furniture that fits your budget since you do not have to buy pricey ones. Furthermore, no matter how glitzy or fashionable the furniture is, it must be comfortable. You do not want to buy a sofa from online shops in Singapore that ends up uncomfortable or is flimsy. You would also need your cabinet to have enough deep shelves and not only be aesthetically pleasing.

#10 Failing to Consider Lifestyle

If you want to enhance your house, go online to shop for furniture for your Singapore home. However, consider your lifestyle and how long you want to keep every piece of furniture. Be realistic about the existing condition and select high-quality, sturdy furnishings that will endure the test of time. If you have children or dogs, choose furniture with sturdy materials or upholstery that can withstand spills and scents.

Choose from a Reputable Online Furniture Store

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