3 Most popular festivals of Ireland

In Ireland, summer is the season full of celebrations. It’s the season to go out and spent time in an open sky. No doubt, Irish people have a real sense of celebrations. Ireland has a lot of farming area, so most of the festivals are outdoor. Irish weather is also amazing, which never disappoints the tourists. Ireland is also the land of redhead people which are rare in the world. Ireland is the land of happiness and prosperity. In Ireland, celebrations come one after another, during the whole year. Here we have written about the top three famous festivals in Ireland.

Galway International Arts Festival (July 15-28)

Galway International Arts Festival is the biggest festival in Ireland which is so famous festival in Europe. Festival takes place in Galway; a beautiful city of Ireland and continues for two weeks. It includes theatre activities, performances, exhibitions, Opera, dance and music. It was started in 1978 and is a non-profit activity. Last year, there were almost 280000 people who came to attend the grand event, and it’s really a considerable amount. Though the main celebrations of the festival revolve around theatre and performances, however, it represents Irish culture within these activities. The event offers almost 200 different performances to the visitors and provides world-class entertainment. These 200 performancestouch a variety of things, including comedy, tricks, action, history, beauty, and literature. Each performance has some message and moral. Performances included in the G.I.A.F are not just about the culture of Ireland or Europe, but it also demonstrates other cultures of the world.

Famous and hit performers are invited to become performed at a big ceremony every year. Famous theatres including The Royal National Theatre, The Royal Court, The Abbey Theatre, and Druid Theatre Company has participated in the event. All leading newspapers and magazines have admired the festivals. BBC TV says that it’s the most important cultural event of Europe while The Guardian describes it as a powerhouse of ideas and innovation. It’s, in fact, true that activity is a powerhouse of change because it’s the main aim of the organization to produce new and strange ideas. The organization of the Galway International Arts Festival also provide internships to the people in search of experience. Students can join the event for getting a better understanding of Irish and European culture.

Galway International Arts Festival is also an excellent platform for the performers. More than 1000 volunteers participate in the festival and provide their services to make it perfect. Performers earn money, and your students of arts and theatre get a chance to polish skills and show their potential. It’s a platform that plays a role in the development of film and art industry. Artist and musicians get a lot of things here. Theatre has its taste. Artist enjoys audience responses instantly and tries to perform better. It helps him to understand his weaknesses and the idea of viewers demand.

Galway International Arts Festival is a real paradise for festival lovers who enjoy performances. There are endless collections of arts and unforgettable segments of performances. Like so many other famous festivals of Europe, Galway International Arts Festival happens in Summer season annually. The upcoming festival will take place from July 15 to 28, 2019 and it will be 42nd G. I. A. F. It’s a great festival of the globe, and the organizations of the event have a great thought of vision. They are looking forward to making the exercises more exceptional. The uniqueness of the event is the variety of exhibitions. The organizing team is genuinely dedicated to bringing a superb range in everything they offer. Galway International Arts Festival is a mega event that makes it difficult for the visitor to attend a single activity from so many appealing activities. If you are thinking to become a part of Galway International Arts Festival in 2019, then you are going to get actual refreshment. The official website of the event provides all the updates about the event.

National Ploughing Championships (September 17-19)

National Ploughing Championships is a grand agricultural activity which takes place at Offaly, Ireland in September every year. It was started in 1931 a now it’s going to be the 88th event from Sep 17 to 19, 2019. It’s a festival associated with a ploughing contest depicts the culture and traditions of the Irish rural lifestyle. The strange thing about the event is the high number of visitors. Nearly three lack people attended the festival last year, which looks wondering.

The event brings incredible celebrations and awesome activities. Acres of land are left for ploughing area, and a big area is left for car parking. The camping area has great Magnificence in the evening. It’s an event for the farmers and agriculturists and is considered the largest outdoor exhibition in Europe. It’s not just for the farmers. A person from any field of life can attend the event because it’s far more than an agricultural ceremony. It includes adventures outdoor games representing the strength and endurance of a man who works in farms. It promotes the bright side of rural life, which is close to health and involves more physical activity — everyone knows about the benefits of village life. A farmer lives a healthy life deeply attached to nature. So, this event also gives a message to save our environment.

Students and researchers of agriculture and food science industry from the whole world, participate in the event at massive scale. The celebration also tells us about the fertility of Irish soil. A vast land of Ireland is reserved for agriculture and farming. It’s playing a vital role in the Irish economy. Because of the affiliation with agriculture, Irish culture is linked with rural lifestyle and activities related to cultivation and harvesting. If you love country life and want to spend time in the vast outdoor agricultural area, then there is nothing best then the National Ploughing Championships of Ireland.

Irish Redheaded Convention (August)

There was a story of Sherlock Holmes named “The Redheaded League,” which gave the idea of an activity involving a redheaded community. That Idea was brought into reality in 2010 when the first Redheaded Convention was launched at Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland. The event continued to 2016, and then it was paused due to some sponsorship issues. The primary purpose of the event was to raise charity funds for the Irish cancer society, but it also focused on community pride and cultural promotion.

It’s true that the Irish Redheaded Convention is Redheaded people are unique, and they are just 2% of the world’s population. Ireland holds 10% of the entire redheaded population of the world so red hair is rare and I Ireland is the land of Readheaded people. The event shows that there is a lot of variety in Redhead. The red colour of hair is due to a mutation in the gene, and red-headed people can be seen everywhere in the world. There is sometimes a curiosity in people whether there an original redhead in the real sense or not.

It’s fantastic to see thousands of redheaded people gathered at a single place. It appeals to everyone in the world who has read head. People of all ages and gender participation in the activities and non-redheaded people are also allowed to witness the event. But usually more participants of the Redheaded Convention are Irish. Scotland also has a significant number of redheaded populations.

Because the event is related to hairs, so it brings packages about the hairs and beauty like salons, hairdressers, etc. which give discounts to redheaded people. There are all other activities of a proper event like rallies, dance, music, and foods. On the Facebook page of the convention, there are more than 36K followers, which describes that the event has got a big fan following at social media. It’s a habit to announce the King and the Queen of the ceremony every year. During the last Irish redheaded convention of 2016 which was the 7th annual convention of the redhead, Mrs. Andy O’Neill and Mrs. Emma Ni Chearuil were announced the King and the Queen of redhead people respectively. It also got coverage in press and electronic media. Although the event is not occurring from 2016, the organization is working hard to do it again. So, you keep an eye and stay updated to get a chance of joining the foxy festival. Event’s like Irish Redheaded Convention are rare in the world as redheaded people are rare. So, if you get an opportunity to attend such a rare occasion, then you are fortunate.

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List of other major festivals

Temple Bar Tradfest –January

St Patrick’s Day- March

Dublin International Film Festival – March

Galway Food Festival – April

BD Festival- April

Vantastival- May

Cork Midsummer Festival – June

Willie Clancy Week – July

Earagail Arts Festival– July

Castlepalooza– August

Fleadh Ceoil– August

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival– September

Puck Fair– August

Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival – October

Waterford Film Festival – November

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