5 Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you clean yourself. But what if the toilet itself is dirty and unhygienic? Would you still feel comfortable bathing in it? Of course, that would feel gross. Cleaning your bathroom is every home owner’s responsibility. Below, the article will show you the cleaning tips for keeping your toilet Furniture, like a toilet bowl from Singapore, clean.

1. Remove All Items and Accessories First

Before cleaning your bathroom, remove all items and accessories first. You can easily clean the toilet bowl and the rain shower head from Singapore. Also, grab the towels and rugs to move them outside in the meantime.

2. Use Cleaners for Bathroom

Some detergents or soaps do not apply to the bathroom. So, find an effective product for bathroom tiles and accessories. Let the cleaner soak and kill all the germs lingering on the surface.

3. Clean the Toilet

Of course, you should not forget to clean the toilet. Sprinkle a cleaner and then scrub before flushing the water when cleaning the bathroom. You’ll maintain the toilet flush systems and prevent dirt and germ build-up. The toilet bowl is frequently known as the dirtiest place in the toilet, so clean it thoroughly.

4. Mopping the Floor

After cleaning the toilet bowl, you can now focus on the floor by mopping it. When mopping the floor, choose a cleaner that is not harmful to the tiles. This way, you’ll preserve the flooring quality and maintain cleanliness.

5. Use Disinfectant

Another way to keep your bathroom germ-free is to apply disinfectant. Let it soak for at least thirty minutes to kill all the germs and bacteria. After this, wash it off with water so the toilet furniture, like the toilet bowl, stays clean.

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