9 Ways To Help People On Singapore Poverty Line

Many people are becoming more aware of what is happening in their surroundings, especially now that social media is helping solve the problems the country faces. Before social media, people relied on television, radio, and newspapers to get updates. But now, all you need to do is open your browser and check the current news. It will give you anything you need to know, even if the information is from another country. Get the advantage of technology to know about the marginalised, what they go through, and the effects of poverty.


If you think of Singapore, your mind will flash with images of the HSBC Rain Vortex or the Marina Bay Sands. You might also think of the food, people, education, and healthcare system. However, some are unaware there is also a Singapore poverty line, and they need help from other people, like the government. Even if they are known to be a progressive country, some of its citizens need assistance. Do not overlook them by looking for ways to help. If you do not know how to start, here are some ways you can follow:


Poverty and education always come together. If a person does not have the education background preferred by the company, they will not be accepted even if they have the skill. Because of this, they get a lower position in the business, meaning lower income. Some might be okay, but think of the opportunities that could have been theirs because they got skills? So, opening opportunities for them is one of the focuses.


Sometimes, being there with the person is enough to make them feel safe and worthy. Not all people get the attention they deserve, so give it to those worthy of it. Helping others is not all about going to volunteer centres, donating money, and packing clothes and food. Aside from these three, you can walk with people while talking and share their stories with you. Having a heart and ear is enough for them to know that you genuinely care.


Joining volunteer opportunities in Singapore is one way to help people who are experiencing poverty. You can think of programmes that would focus on their needs, especially the basic ones like food, clothes, shelter, education, and healthcare. These factors are not only for the privilege because everyone needs access to them. You may start small if you are a first-time volunteer, then go big once you know what you need to do.


Aside from listening to the stories of people, you can also share yours with them. It is one way to make them feel you are with the people and understand them. They can learn from you as you can learn from them. It is a start to know more about their situation and build a good relationship. Make them feel that you are not selective of the people you help, knowing that they have been neglected by others sometimes.


People have their needs, and they must have them. Sadly, not everyone has access to education, healthcare, and a proper environment. Food security in Singapore is also one of the problems faced by people on the poverty line. You can do something about it by knowing their needs and taking action. You may call for help from government agencies and private organisations. They have the funds to assist others, making the programme successful with small steps.





If you have seen poverty in pictures, you will notice that their surroundings could pose health risks, regardless of age. Light materials are what their homes are from, and they could get damaged in a fire or natural calamities. Start with a cleaning programme to help them be safe in their surroundings. But if you have the means to raise the problem to more powerful men, you can build a housing programme for them.


Not all people have the time to visit places and see the situation of the ones who are in the Singapore poverty line. And if you are the same, you do not need to worry because you can establish a fundraising programme that could help you have enough budget for the people you will help. The money you will raise can make you buy food, clothes, and water for them. If there is excess, use it on other programmes you will conduct in the future. But if the amount is insufficient, ask for the help of other volunteer groups and the government.


Inequality has always been an issue in different countries. And many people are affected, like those on the poverty line. They receive words from others that make them hopeless. Their mindset is what they might give to the next generation of the family, making poverty more severe in the country. Never make them feel that you do not want to help them, knowing that being on the poverty line means they have been through a lot already.


You will see kids carrying bags, notebooks, and pencils on the way to school and going home. They have smiles on their faces because of the new learnings they had at school and the time they spent with their classmates and friends. But as time passes by, those learning opportunities are being stripped away because of being in the Singapore poverty line. Families do not have enough budget to enter college, slowly shattering the dreams of kids who once were hopeful about their future. Giving them access to a proper education can give their hopes back, especially if they are determined to succeed one day.

Many people are still turning a blind eye or are unaware of the issues. Some families might think of what or where they will eat, but some cannot even do that because they do not have the money for it. But, you can do something for them by joining volunteer opportunities in Singapore. Open your mind and understanding of poverty by visiting the website of The Best of You.