Everything You Need To Know About a Poker Analyser Device

For those who are regular to casinos, there are high chances that they already know about a poker analyser device. Many of you may have even seen it without realising that it is a poker analyser. Now the question is what is a poker analyser and what is it used for? If you wish to know more about the device then give this article a read.

What Is A Poker Analyser Device?

A poker analyser machine is nothing but a cheating tool used in poker. The device is effective enough to make you win a game.

The system first appeared in 2008 and since then it has grown in popularity. The purpose of the device is what makes it most wanted for the poker players. Back when the device first entered the market, it was at a very basic level. It was in 2010 that the mature version of the device was introduced to us. The invention of this useful device has actually changed the face of poker.

The device is very discrete as it is available in various forms of smartphones like Samsung, iPhone, etc. There are many advantages of using this device which is why it is so commonly used at the poker table.

poker analyzer device

How Does The System Work?

Now that you know what a poker analyser device is all about, you surely want to know how the device works.

The device comes with a scanning camera that is used to capture image information. It scans the side bar-code side marked cards. To achieve more accurate results, at least four sides of playing cards are marked with invisible bar codes.

You can easily install the scanner in any poker phone analyser or other objects like car keys, buttons, power bank, etc. However, you should keep in mind that the scanning range of almost all the devices is limited to 80cm. You can customize the scanning range according to your need. But it should be between 20 and 80cm.

This magical device can do wonders at the poker table. But before you start using it you need to get good practice. Unless you master the art of using the device, there are chances that you will get caught.

Well, now you know what a poker analyser is. Next time when you visit a casino, keep an eye around you to spot the device if someone is using it.