Family Lawyer In Singapore: 7 Reasons To File For Divorce

Marriage is one of the many events in life that people want to experience. As a teenager, you thought of having a grand yet simple one with the love of your life. And once that day comes, the feeling is something no words can explain. However, not every couple has a happy and peaceful life. Many things happened when they were together, exposing the attitude of the other. And if those discoveries are something they cannot tolerate, they search for the Singapore divorce process.


Many couples want to strengthen their marriage, even if problems occur and they have difficulties fixing them. Sadly, not all partners can go any longer for all the issues they have at home. You will see them looking for a Singapore divorce lawyer to help them file for divorce and ensure they can get away from the marriage. And if you are in the same situation, here are some of the reasons why couples choose to end their marriage:


Drugs have been the problem of many people, even in marriage. If the partner cannot stop, it becomes a burden to the family. Their drug addiction can upset many things in their family, and one is their finances. Their physical appearance and appetite also get affected. Before filing for divorce, know how much divorce processes in Singapore cost because it will be one of your foundations.


Some couples also file for divorce because of incompatibility. This reason falls under no-fault divorce, meaning that no one is to blame for what is happening. The partner might disagree on many things, and they even argue even with unnecessary reasons. You also do not have the same goal in life, making it harder to be with each other. The other wants to achieve more, while their partner does not see the same thing. If you are experiencing this, you can use this to file for divorce.


There is nothing more painful in a marriage than knowing that your partner is cheating on you. Questioning yourself and not seeing your worth are some of what you will experience. You will also ask what the other person has that your partner did not see in you. And all of these are not good for your health, especially mentally. It might be hard to get out of the marriage, but you need to let yourself free from the burden. Learn the divorce procedure in Singapore and know the steps you need to follow.


Aside from adultery, another reason to file for divorce is desertion. It is when your partner chooses to be separated from you even if you are against it. You will feel abandoned because of what your partner did, making you look for a way to go out. Filing for divorce is one of the options, especially if you know that the relationship is something you cannot save anymore.



What would you feel if you learned that your partner had been married before and are also married now? It would make you think if you deeply know your partner. Once you see their marriage record, file a divorce. If you do not know what to do, you can get the assistance of a family lawyer in Singapore. They can guide you through the process and ensure you will not have problems following them.


The most common reason for divorce that you will notice in couples is physical abuse. Sadly, many people experience this in the hands of their partners. If you are slowly getting into this setup, you must protect yourself by getting out of the marriage. Filing a divorce can save you in many ways without you knowing. Some of the signs that your partner is abusive are the following:

  • They are forcing you to do things you do not want to do.
  • They are becoming sexually abusive.
  • They are beating you in different parts of your body.
  • They are holding you too tight. You cannot let go of the grip.
  • They are pulling your hair and other parts of your body.

If you are experiencing any of these, get the help of your family and friends immediately. You can stay with them for days until you know what you need to do. One of the reasons partners file for divorce is physical abuse, so do not let yourself be one of them. If you can do something to help yourself, do it.


Aside from physical abuse, mental abuse also happens in partners. Some say this one is worse than the other because you can feel the pain in every part of your body. They do mental abuse when you two are together, and even if there are many people around. They do not choose the place where they manipulate their partner, making it more difficult for the other to move forward. Before knowing the divorce procedure in Singapore, be familiar with the following mental abuse signs:

  • They say things about you that are untrue.
  • They gaslight you. Your partner makes you question everything in you, even if you did not do anything wrong.
  • They insult you and what makes you happy.
  • They do not let you decide for yourself and the family.
  • They are harassing you in front of many people or just the two of you.
  • They are in a relationship while still married to you.
  • They are a threat to you and the people you love.

If you notice these signs, do not let them worsen by getting out of the relationship. Look for professionals who can help you understand what you need to do and how you can follow them. Your situation is exhausting, but you must be strong to get the freedom and peace you deserve.

There are many grounds why people file for divorce, and the reasons mentioned are only some of them. And if you are in the same situation, getting the help of professionals is one of the steps. Visit the website of Lie Chin Chin to learn more. You can also ask them about lawyer fees before filing for divorce.