Great but Cheap Places to Go to in Melbourne

When you are planning an epic night of clubbing in Melbourne, one of the things that you probably worry about is how much it will cost. Generally, clubbing itself does not cost a lot of money. You get your outfit right, call a couple of friends and an uber and you just hit the town. However if money is a concern, there are a couple of cheap night clubs you can visit. If you do your homework and plan well, a boozy night out in Melbourne does not have to cost you that much. Here’s a run-down of a few cheap night clubs in Melbourne that you can visit.

  1. Cheap House at Veludo

Tuesdays are cheap at Veludo. Cheap doesn’t mean shabby. The Veludo is an elegant and stylish club you should find on Acland Street. On any other night, the prices are regular but on Tuesdays you can enjoy a $5 cocktail or beer and great music that will keep you on the dance floor. There is a lot you can get for $50 at this night club Melbourne, if you don’t mind boozing it up on a Tuesday.

  1. Father’s Office

Father’s office in Melbourne Central offers cheap drinks and live music every day. And just to kick things up a notch, they have happy hour every day of the week. The first hour is from 5-7pm and the second rolls by around 8-10pm, leaving you with ample time to do other things like dance and chat up strangers. Father’s Office attracts an eclectic bunch of people, from suits to students and backpackers. The happy hour runs longer on Sundays. It starts at 11am and lasts for hours.

  1. The Mill House

The Mill House offers another opportunity to get drunk on a Thursday because, prices are low on that day. The Mill House attracts all kinds of people and is a favourite haunt for anyone wanting to shake off the stress of the week.

  1. The Melbourne bar

Bar Crawls definitely give value for money, and there are a lot of those in Melbourne. You can get in on the action on a Saturday. You and your best mates will be driven to maybe four different bars with drink in hand. Your final destination would be the popular Bilboards club. The point of bar crawls is to deink as much as you can. Try local artisanal beers if you can. The best thing is you can get as drunk as you want to, trusting that you will be delivered back to your home in one piece.

  1. Boozy Bingo at Red Eye Bar St Kilda

Do it all over again on Monday at the Red Eye in St Kilda. The venue hosts Boozy Bingo Mondays which gives new meaning to bingo. You’ll bump into a lot of young students and backpackers who come for the cheap booze and the music. It’s a great way to end or star your week depending on which end you look at things.

Bottom line: Melbourne has it all and with more people being mindful of what they spend their money on, going to a night club Melbourne should not burn holes in your pocket. The world has not stopped spinning because of the pandemic; you shouldn’t have to deny yourself some fun once in a while –