Organized Closet Is The Reflection Of Your Personality & Lifestyle

Home has a crucial role in our life, the room and its conjugate components like wardrobes, drawers and other furniture stuff has their significance in a well-structured room. The choice of the interior and closet organization reflects our personality and way of living. Organize Your Closet (จัด ระเบียบ ตู้ เสื้อผ้า, which is the term in Thai) also reflects your creativity towards arranging outfits, jewelry, and other accessories that we carelessly misplace and ransack the whole house in its search.

Sometimes, this careless and unorganized attitude results in permanent loss of accessories. To avoid this sort of situation one should go for a well-organized closet where he/she can safely place clothes, jewelry, & other accessories. Accessories like ties, bracelets, jackets, necklaces, etc. can be kept in a well-organized fashion in the closet. 

Factors To Be Taken Into Account While Choosing A Closet

  • Closets should be made up of good quality timber or steel material.
  • The modern closet design should have combined multiple shelving options including multiple shelving, closed drawers, and space for hanging clothes and other things.
  • To avoid the congestion dimension of the closet should be according to the architecture and perimeter of the room.
  • A separate safe locker should be there to keep confidential documents & jewelry items.
  • The doors of the closet should be properly designed to avoid any sorts of damage while opening the closet.
  • The hardwood closet should be chosen because it is termite resistant and thus will keep the clothes and other accessories safe.

Normally, There Are Two Types Of The Closet You Can See

Timber Based Closet

Organize Your Closet in a well-managed way, you choose the timber-based closet which is made up of hardwood and softwood.

Steel Based Closet

Contemporary closets have multiple shelves and locker options and also it can be customized according to your requirements and utility. Some of the closets have unsymmetrical shelve distribution i.e. shelves are framed according to the placement of clothes based on different utility occasions.

Ideally, symmetrically partitioned shelves are preferred so that different kinds of stuff can be categorized and placed easily. Later it gets easy to point out and pick your favorite accessories & dress, jewelry & confidential items.


No doubt a well-organized closet attracts everybody but some precautions should be taken to avoid inconvenience so that closet and clothes can be used for a long time. Moisture-repellent silica gel and foul order absorber granules you should use to keep the clothes and accessories safe.