Place to Keep Jewellery From Tarnishing

If you’ve owned high-quality jewellery  before then you’ll probably have noticed that it can tarnish if it’s not taken care of. Some jewellery  can even appear dull and lifeless after you take it out of the storage, and this is usually because you haven’t taken the proper measures to ensure your jewellery  is protected before you lock it up.

This is especially important for silver jewellery  which can tarnish easily as a result of oxidative reactions with sulfur. This is something that occurs naturally with the air and environment, and can also affect the alloys inside of the silver and other types of jewellery. In short, leaving your jewellery  exposed to the natural air can speed up the tarnishing which results in a dull and dirty look.

So to give you some advice, we’re going to talk about how you can store your jewellery  in places that will prevent it from tarnishing.

Airtight Boxes

The most common and practical way to store jewellery  that is susceptible to tarnishing is in an airtight box. It’s even more effective if you have silica gel or activated charcoal to help absorb moisture and ensure that the silver in your jewellery  doesn’t start to tarnish. The airtight boxes will also help to keep out any unwanted moisture and oxygen which could speed up the tarnishing process. If your boxes are truly airtight and you’ve added a packet of silica gel to absorb moisture, then you’ll have a long-term storage solution for jewellery.

This enables you to use other storage solutions such as drawers or even self-storage solutions to keep your jewellery  safe. With an airtight box that is accompanied by silica gel, you can use a self-storage solution to archive your jewellery  and keep it in a safe environment that won’t tarnish it. Before using a self-storage solution for your jewellery you’ll want to speak to the facility staff, so click here if you’d like to learn more about one of the UK’s most reputable and trustworthy storage solutions.

Wrapped With Anti-Tarnish Paper or Cloth

Surprisingly, using anti-tarnish paper and cloth is a great way to store your jewellery  in places while also keeping it from tarnishing. This isn’t as good as using an airtight box because it’s still surrounded by air and could be affected by moisture. However, if you’re only temporarily transporting your jewellery  (such as in a pouch, bag or suitcase) then keeping some anti-tarnish paper is a great way to do so. You can also wrap your jewellery  in tarnish paper before you place it in an airtight box for added peace of mind.

Before you store any kind of jewellery , make sure you’re handling it with clean hands so that you’re not spoiling the material or introducing more moisture. You’ll also want to ensure that your jewellery  is separated as best as possible, using individual containers if possible so that that they don’t scratch and scuff each other during transit. Using some anti-tarnish paper or cloth can also help with the separation so that you don’t end up damaging your jewellery  when they’re being stored.