Public Arrest Records – How difficult is to find them

Looking up on someone’s arrest record is possible! After all, arrests are known and most likely on the public domain already! 

The record of an individual that is convicted of a crime is public information and SpyFly will help you access it.

Why search public arrest record?

This type of record can help you find out whether a person has been convicted, whether they have any traffic offences such as DUI or so to say, whether you can trust the individual you are looking up.

This also means that anyone else can access your arrest record as well as the information within it. There are cases when an individual finds their own arrest record, but the information contained in it is not accurate. Before panicking make sure, you spell check all the important data like your full name and address but then also see if the birthdate and birthplace match with yours.

There are many cases of stolen identity and if you suspect you are one of those cases, you have the right to file a police report. It is also recommended that you consult a criminal defense lawyer if there are any mistakes within your arrest record, and whether you would like to have it expunged or sealed, since they are the ones that are experienced in this area.

There is only one exception when a public arrest record cannot be accessed and that is when a record is sealed by the judge.

Where can I find a public arrest record

There are a few ways. One is by visiting a sheriff’s office, a courthouse or even reach out to the FBI if you know the exact record you would like to access. This is all time consuming and frustrating, but also have in mind that this service is not for free, meaning you would need to pay a certain fee which is not so low, to be able to get the records you need. No one likes to spend their time and end up with a bundle of information that you would need to spend even more time putting together.

Try SpyFly for Easy Access to Arrests Record

SpyFly allows you to access an arrest record by simply searching the individual by name and state, or even better, for more specific and accurate results, add additional information such as city or age of that individual. The feedback you will receive is a detailed report which concludes all the court and criminal records which are usually very hard to get to. There is also the general contact information of the person you are looking up as well as their history of locations they lived in previously and whether they own any property. You get to all this for a small fee and very quickly.

Some important info that we always point out is that things like stealing someone’s identity, stalking or spying is against the law. All the information provided should be used ethically and within a legal frame.

But, through this service SpyFly can help you find a long lost relative, their address and also things that might concern you and that is whether you neighbor might have a criminal history and even look up your own criminal record. This means you can look up an arrest record for almost anyone, family member or a friend, distant relative or neighbor, classmate or someone that you plan to spend your life with.

What can you expect to see when viewing an arrest record and why it is used for mostly?

Have in mind that an arrest record is not the same as a criminal record meaning it is much shorter than a criminal record and contains the person’s social security number, criminal charges, their category with specific dates, when and where they occurred, pending cases, convictions, arrests and some administration details like case numbers and name of the courts involved.

In more details, you would see the person’s photograph, fingerprints, their race, weight and height and whether there are any marks that identify that person.

An arrest record can be used to track a person’s criminal history, if you are an employer and would like to do a background check, if you apply for a school or want to enter the military,  to determine if an individual has obtained U.S citizenship meaning immigration or even international travel, when voting. It can be used to determine whether an individual can purchase a certain type of firearm, if an individual is hired for a job or has received housing or federal aid, it can be used to create a security clearance,  as well as in situations like when an institution needs to determine whether a person is eligible for adopting a child or fostering one. But all this information varies depending on the state or country.

SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.