What are the Types of Domestic Violence Against Women?

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Types of violence against women and domestic violence

Domestic violence can take several forms.

  • Assault

This kind of violence does not need much clarification. It consists in performing physical acts of aggression – slaps, fists, kicks.

Since 2019, changes to the Penal Code have also criminalized systematic monitoring says criminal defence lawyer . It involves the conduct of a threatening behavior against a specific person, which may be to harass the other person, to show the other person that they have been observed, to enter into unwanted communication with him through all possible means of communication. When committed in the context of domestic violence, monitoring is more severely punishable.

  • Enforcement of privacy, personal freedom and individual rights

It is also one of the common forms of domestic violence that is relatively clear. Any compulsory restriction on privacy, personal freedom and individual rights constitutes domestic violence. It can be expressed, as we noted above, in the prohibition to engage in employment, restrict contact with relatives and friends, etc according to criminal lawyer Brampton. This type of violence will also be present when there is no “ban”, but freedom is “convoluted” (tacitly) limited by the raising of scandals.

  • Sexual assault

This is another very difficult type of domestic violence when the partner or the spouse is forced to fulfill their “marital obligations’’ against their will. They sometimes do it against their will because they are convinced that it is their fault. No, this is a violence and you should not be forced to do something that you do not want to or feel that you are not ready for. It is something that you must share with someone and if it gets out of control to report it immediately. This type of violence is mostly combined with other types of violence such as physical violence when the person does not want to be involved in intercourses and in order for the person to make them so, they use physical violence. This is something that should never be tolerated under any circumstances. Make sure to report it immediately to Brampton criminal defence lawyer and feel free again.

  • Psychological violence

Some might say that this is one of the worst types of violence which is causing a huge pain to the victim. It happens when the partner or the spouse is torturing the victim using psychological games or threats. In any case, this is another form that must be reported immediately to criminal law firm in Brampton.

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