Real Time Strategy game for Android TV

There are no many strategy games that are easy to play on Android TV boxes. Because many Android TV boxes does not have flagship level hardware. People always looking for cheaper Android TV Box like Fire TV Stick, Mi TV stick and more. Since many of those devices has 1GB Ram, games should work nicely and smoothly with 1GB RAM. If this game lag or not run smoothly on your TV box, make sure to use any game boosting application like Clean Master.

Auralux Constellation for TV BOX is one of the best and interesting game to play on TV Boxes. I like to relate this game with age of empires. Because many of you have remember older Age of Empires game that make us buy on our computers building our empire and capturing other empires or fortresses. This game too can make us play for hours on Android TV.

You can download this game for free using Play Store TV app. There are many Android TV boxes without play store services. You can Filelinked or Aptoide TV to install this game for free on any Android TV box. Filelinked is like AC Market for Android phones where you can find Android TV apps and games.

Auralux Constellation Game play

This is a space game for Android TV which is not popular. This game should be a popular TV game. Because once you get addicted it is awesome. Game starts with 3 players. Where you have to capture each and every planet till all the planets are taken. 

Game starts with a one planet with little energy cycle. When the amount of energy particles increases you can capture nearby by planet. Then that planet too generates energy particles. Increase the number of planets you own for more energy particles. Meantime other players too start to capture planets nearby them.

You can attach other players planet and make them yours. But wait for the right time. Because other players start to attack each other, that was the ideal time to attach when they are weak. If you not attack them, they will slowly attack your planets to capture. There are many awesome features and surprises like blackholes, gamma ray bursts, and orbiting planets and etc. at higher levels. So, each and every level will be interesting. 

You can’t play this game just using only Android TV remote. You can use any cheap game controller that support Android. Use game controller for better experience.