Reasons Behind the Rise of Indonesian Online Poker Sites

Research by several data firms has shown that the APAC region enjoys the highest share in the world of online betting. Indonesia has been one of the biggest contributors to the same. The recent years have seen a massive increase in the presence of Indonesian poker on online platforms. Indonesian websites, owners, developers, players, and games are popular not only in the Asia Pacific region but also all around the world.


Indonesia is one of the many countries with tough laws against gambling. Anyone seen playing in the Indonesian casinos will instantly come under the mercy of authorities. The punishment for the same can go up to imprisonment for 10 years.

Despite this, the presence of Poker has been massive in Indonesia. From the capital to the suburbs, the country is known for having produced some great poker players. To counter the tough laws against gambling, players and organizers in Indonesia have taken recluse in online poker websites.

Indonesian poker websites like IndPoker, tangkasnet, Party Poker, and 888 Poker have all allowed Indonesians to enjoy poker from the comfort of their homes. Because of these websites, the players can avoid raids and punishments.


Indonesian poker websites have brought the game to the players’ doorstep and have freed them from the insanely high charges of casinos and hotels. They provide the option of practice matches for players who do not want to invest. They also offer different schemes and e-payment options to the players.

When compared to casinos, Indonesian poker websites offer big and exciting deals to their players. There are big jackpots that come with real-time money. Schemes and discounts lure new players. And loyalty points are offered to ensure that the old players stay hooked to these websites.


These websites are available throughout the 24 hours of a day. They can be accessed by any electronic device from anywhere in the world. The interface of these websites is interactive and easy to navigate. It can be easily used by professionals as well as new players.

These sites also offer friendly customer service throughout the day. Live chat boxes allow the players to ask the web developers any questions. And they receive a prompt reply. These sites also have a large database of videos and articles that have the rules and regulations of different games to help the new players in learning the games instantly.



Most of the online Indonesian poker platforms are 100% safe and secure. They have inscriptions that protect the personal and financial information of the users. They allow the players to keep their photos and usernames.

Unique Games

One very important feature that distinct Indonesian poker websites like tangkasnet, IndPoker, Party Poker, and 888 Poker from the websites of other countries is the unique gaming options that they offer. In addition to traditional poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Two-Seven Tripple, Capsa, these sites also offer a large variety of regional favorites. Truf, Minuman, Empat Satu, Remi, Cangkul, Gaple, Milo, and Qiu Qiu are popular not only amongst Indonesian players but also amongst players from all around the world.