The Benefits of Lanyards For All Businesses

Lanyards are a fantastic identity card accessory, they take your original (and incredibly wise) investment in your b2b platforms company’s security and increase it ten fold! It can be easy to discredit plastic card accessories as just another menial expense that won’t really impact your business, but once you secure them you’ll discover just how much you and your team were missing out on account of ignoring the humble lanyard. But just what are these benefits? How can a simple woven holder change the daily operations of your company? Glad you’ve asked! Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect from your investment in your identity card accessories…


Your staff’s comings and goings will be completely transformed with the implementation of lanyards. Those precious moments spent fumbling around for an identity card add up over time, save yourself and your employees minutes on the company clock by ensuring that their identity cards are consistently accessible. Lanyards are both easily locatable in a bag or in one’s pocket, but their best place is undoubtedly worn over work gear. Your personnel won’t have to give a second thought to where they put their cards again. This will make the entryway to your building run smoother.


With your beautifully designed, high quality identity cards living around your employee’s necks instead of in the bottom of their bags, you’ll find that they tend to last an awful lot longer! Work bags and wallets are stocked full of items that are just waiting to spill onto cards and cause an issue. Keeping them protected saves your entire team time, money and effort in the long run, so it’s well worth doing. Pair your lanyards with clear plastic card holders for maximum protection and consequently, longevity.


Another brilliant benefit with significant long term impacts! You can opt for printed or customised lanyards to reflect your brand and enhance your local exposure! Find an Australia based printing provider that can personalise your lanyards with your brand name, colours or logo. Your company will gain great visibility whilst your staff are out and about in your community and making meaningful connections at networking events. This can result in more meaningful business connections, a positive communal association with your brand and your staff and can even attract desirable human capital in your direction – not bad for a lanyard!

Team Sentiment

Constructing a sense of connectedness in your company is essential to fortifying your team environment and subsequently your worker sentiment. Happy employees make for high levels of productivity and long term commitment to your company, which in the long run can only be considered a good thing. How do lanyards come into play here? They simply provide an air of togetherness, subliminally encouraging a team mindset that reminds your staff that they are part of a productive and facilitating collective. Feeling a part of something bigger is so beneficial especially in large corporate environments.


This one goes hand in hand with that wonderful team spirit that your lanyards have established. Professionalism has begun to slide in recent years, with many companies opting for a casual dress code and veering away from the traditional business attire of yesteryear. Now, this is fantastic for company sentiment and employee mindset, however, can leave your office looking a little less professional than you might necessarily like. Lanyards, particularly custom ones, will take your office right back to a well presented and cohesive state in literally seconds. This is particularly useful for client meetings or when you’re recruiting new talent.


Last but in no way least, security. Your business’ safety really is one of your most important and valuable assets, and your lanyards can help you to achieve that secure atmosphere that you’re looking to establish. By implementing lanyards, you’re not only streamlining and strengthening the security system that you have in play, you’re also ensuring that anyone who is not supposed to be in your environment is immediately identifiable. Visual immediacy and organisation are some of the best ways of maintaining a tight security standard.

And there you have it! All of the incredible benefits of a simple lanyard!