The Smartest Options for the Best Handyman Service

As a cleaning and DIY company, the experts notice that not every customer has prepared well when they approach us. Although they always work with the customer, they advise you to prepare yourself well before contacting a DIY company.

In addition, you naturally also want information about the duration and costs of your job before you give the assignment. But what else should you think about? Here are their tips before you give an assignment to a DIY company of handyman singapore.

What exactly do you want to happen?

Try to get the job and work that needs to be done sharp for yourself. What needs to be done in concrete terms? Do you need a new bathroom or do you want a new shed in the garden?

Also make an estimate of the dimensions, location or possible bottlenecks of the job. Also discuss this with the DIY Company. Because of this the DIY Company is able to make an accurate estimate of the size, duration and costs of the job.

Find a DIY company

Ask for references and experiences from people in your area about DIY companies. If your neighbor talks with praise about the one self-employed person from the neighborhood who has laid his floor in the kitchen, this immediately inspires confidence. Of course you can also use a search engine such as Google to search for a DIY company. In that case, read the company website carefully and look for reviews that people have left on the website or on the social media channels.

Also view images of the DIY company on the website or on social media. This gives you a good impression of the people behind the company, but also of the results of the work.

A handyman in the house

Fair is fair, a handyman in your garden, house or shed takes some getting used to especially if it’s the first time for you. If you find it very exciting, you can first have the handyman carry out a simple job such as connecting the dishwasher. After this first job you have a good impression of the handyman and the result of his work. With this feeling you can choose to have another or the same handyman do a different more complex job.

That is why it is good to investigate in advance which jobs and activities a particular DIY company can perform for you. When a DIY company can be widely used, you do not have to hire a different company for every new job. You can then confidentially build on the experience and quality of a DIY company with previous jobs.

Quotation and quotation

Always request a written quotation in advance with a clear description of the job. It is annoying if the costs of the job do not meet expectations. Therefore, make clear agreements about this.

When it comes to a smaller job, invoicing is often done by the hour. The hours and materials worked are then charged. For larger jobs you can also agree on a project amount. That gives you as a customer clarity about the costs of the total project.