Things To Consider When You Are Planning An Out Of Town Wedding


One of the first things newly engaged couples think about after announcing their engagement is the venue or location of the wedding. Most couples tend to choose local venues because it is easier for them and their guests, but sometimes a special place calls out to the couple and they decide on an out of town wedding.

Any wedding planner will agree that out of town weddings are more complicated to plan, but they are not impossible. With enough time, budget, and planning destination weddings can be as perfect at hometown nuptials. To help with the planning, here are some important considerations to prioritize:

1 – The Location Must Be Special

The best reason for an out of town wedding is the meaning of the location. Choosing a venue simply because it’s cheap, it’s beautiful, or popular can make your guests resent the decision to attend the wedding. However, if the location holds a special meaning to you, your future spouse, or both, the choice is seen as romantic.

2 – Guests Should Be Notified Early

If you are considering an out of town wedding it is best to notify all guests about the location as early as possible. This allows everyone to make time for the wedding and their travel plans. Early notifications are very important especially for guests who need to purchase plane tickets or drive for hours to reach the destination.

3 – Offer Free Or Discounted Accommodations

Destination weddings will often require guests to spend at least one night in the area, whether it is the day before or after the wedding. A great way to thank guests for taking the time to attend your big day is to offer free or at the very least discounts for their accommodations.

Many hotels and resorts offer wedding parties free rooms for the bridal party and discounts for guests, but only if the rooms are booked early enough. Ask your guests if they need assistance in booking their accommodations for the wedding so they can get the discounted rooms during their stay.

4 – Research On Local Caterers

Hire only the best wedding caterers in Washington DC or wherever you plan to go for your out of town wedding. Do a lot of research and coordinate with the venue as early as possible. Wedding caterers in Washington DC also have their connections, so if you are set to tie the knot in the DC area, the catering company can assist you in finding the perfect location for your wedding.

5 – Work With A Wedding Planner

Having a local wedding planner on your team will make the planning and coordinating easier. Not only do they already have preferred vendors in the area, but they also know about local weather patterns, the best venues for value, and so much more. Out of town wedding are complicated to organize, you will need all the professional help you can get!

Don’t leave anything to the last minute when it comes to out-of-town weddings. The sooner you and the wedding planner iron out the details, the sooner you can rest and relax while counting down the days until you say “I do”.

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