Tips about Traveling to the White Crater of Bandung

Whenever you want to go to the White Crater in Bandung, you better leave early in the morning. Considering that the traffic requirements going here sometimes get badly jammed, especially when on holidays.

The traveling from the middle of Bandung town to here could be achieved in approximately 1.5 hours and might take around 3 hours when the traffic jams. By noon it’ll generally feel warmer because of the scorching sun. Not infrequently also the Bandung KawahPutih tourist location will be addressed in thick fog and heavy rain through the day. If you come from outside the town of Bandung, perhaps it’s possible to arrive the day before and let the KawahPutih Inn break.

If utilizing a private vehicle, park at the parking lot, and you may choose the transportation offered to go to the location, namely Ontang Anting. Since, if the parking is finished, the fee for parking is quite expensive. It can reach IDR 150,000 for every vehicle.

Public transportation

If you’re taking a bus, then you might get off at LeuwiPanjang Terminal. From LeuwiPanjang you can head out to the front gate of the terminal and choose an L300 angkot that goes to Ciwidey. After coming at Ciwidey then continue to ride the yellow angkot that belongs to Ciwidey – Situ Patenggang and get off at the intersection of the front gate of the White Crater.

In case you use train suppliers, you might get off at Bandung Station. In the north exit, you have to have a blue-green public transport 34 into SadangSerang – Caringin and get off at JalanKopo. After that, choose the LeuwiPanjang – Ciwidey bus and get off in Ciwidey terminal. Then move again by selecting a yellowish angkot that goes to Ciwidey – Situ Pantenggang and down at the entry gate.

In case you employ a plane, from HuseinSastranegara Airport, have a green angkot with the purpose of LeuwiPanjang. Then proceed by choosing an L300 public transport majoring in Ciwidey.

Launched in Ciwidey, lasted again by driving yellow public transportation with the aim of Situ Patenggang and get off before the entry of this CiwideyKawahPutih tour.

Proceed to Location

To put in the White Crater itself, individuals must walk quite far, and that’s about 5 km. But in the event you don’t need to get tired, you might use the automobile Ontang Anting. Ontang Anting is a distinctive transfer in the form of a modified minibus into an open car.

To ride it, you have to purchase Ontang Anting tickets for IDR 13,000 / person. The ticket itself can be bought with the entrance ticket. After purchasing a ticket, then you, along with other classes, have to queue for ticket assessing account. The capacity to ride Ontang Anting itself is around 12 people.

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