Top 5 Unique And Personalised Gifts for Car Lovers

When you head out for gift shopping for a car lover then you may get confused due to numerous car accessories that make nice gift options. The best part about gifts for car lovers is that there is no headache of budget due to the availability of many affordable options.

The good news is that we have completed the research work for you for the top 5 unique gifts for car lovers.

Here is our best selection of gifts for car lovers.

  1. Car Keychain

Let us start with the basic gift- a personalised car keychain. While looking out for the best gifts for car lovers, we come across an online shopping platform “Etchcraft Emporium”; there we saw a unique car keychain then immediately convinced us to add it to our list.

The USP of this keychain is its pendant and customization features. Its pendant can be personalized according to any Indian car model like Ford Ecosport, Hyundai i10 Nios, etc. Apart from this, you can get the VIN of the car added to the pendant. This personalized engraved car keychain truly makes a unique gift for all car lovers.

  1. Car Cushion Cover

This one is also a basic gift option but will definitely impress the person to whom you’ll give it. Just like the car keychain, we found this personalised car cushion cover on the website of Etchcraft Emporium.

This car cushion takes care of both comfort and looks of the car. Apart from being soft, it has an attractive cushion cover that highlights a car design. On top of that, the number plate of this car design is made of genuine stainless steel and can be engraved with the car’s Vehicle Identification Number.

  1. Anti-slip steer wheel cover

You can show your care to him/her by gifting an anti-slip steer wheel cover. The steering cover not only offers a good grip to the person who is driving the car but also ensures that the base material of the steering wheel remains intact for years. It cut downs the maintenance cost of steering wheel.

  1. Car Perfume

You can gift him/her a car perfume to make sure their car always smells good and improves travelling experience. A good-smelling car helps in reducing anxiety and stress while driving, especially on long routes.  You can check out some amazing car perfumes on Google Shopping or Amazon.

If you know their choice of fragrances then it’s good otherwise you can a perfume with citrusy or musky notes (this is our suggestion; choose the one you like).

  1. Car Music System

Last but not least, the car music system is sure to impress him/her. When it comes to buying a music system then make sure it has both good sound quality as well as bass. This will make their drive joyful and happy.

The car music systems are available in both affordable and high-end range so you will find a lot of options online and offline. Take your time to find out the best sound system for gifting purposes.


We have tried our best to keep the above gift suggestions as affordable as possible because all of you may have different budgets but the above gifts come with a reasonable price tag.

We hope you found these options appealing yet useful for any car lover.

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