Top power tools for your DIY projects

Many of us love to dabble around and try new things from time to time, whether it’s finding a new hobby, a new talent or even learn new skills. Especially during these times we want to do anything to waste time and keep ourselves busy and entertained. For some reason a lot of people started exploring and diving more into DIY projects, not your crafty handy projects I mean kind of big projects that have been going kind of viral all over the internet and we’ve seen people use heavy machinery. It’s not that we don’t encourage people to learn and try new things but there is a lot to learn about how to properly use these kind of tools. Some of the tools we’ve seen being used without being supervised would be hacksaw machines, heavy use drills and such. We’re here to help you through this journey of exploring by choosing some products that we like to call “Tool toys” These tools are legit and great quality but they’re built to be for those who are beginners and would love to learn how to work with such tools and still get the job done. Stick around and we’ll get that DIY project of yours going in no time! 

We’ve picked out some tools out and we’ll be listing them down as points then go a little deeper of how each one is used and what they’re god for. The list is short because we don’t want to overwhelm you with too many products when all you need are a few to get you started. All these products we’ve selected are from HomeWagon, they’re their best selling power tools for beginners based on their customer’s reviews. 

The list of the 3 top selling power tools for your DIY projects: 

  • Black and Decker 650W Hammer drill + 50 Accessories 
  • Bosch 12V Cordless impact drill 
  • Bosch 12V Cordless Reciprocating saw

Now that we’ve listed down all the power tools let’s get started with their features and uses! These products are all picked because of how simple and handy they are and they will get your job done without you having to harm yourself with bigger tools because you’ve seen professionals do it on the internet! 

The Black & Decker 650W Hammer drill is our first tool on the list, this handy drill comes in a very neat looking storage box which is something we always advise to go for because who needs to have a separate box for the little pieces when you can have it all in one! This drill comes with 50 different accessories for that multi-purpose use, drilling through wood, steel and also concrete! A light weight drill with an ergonomic handle for a better grip while you work. Need to hang those frames up on the wall? Those shelves have been on the floor for weeks waiting to be installed? Get that drill plugged in and get them hung already. 

The 12V Cordless impact drill is another type of drill from the worldwide known brand Bosch. A drill that may look like a toy but works as good as any bigger sized drill. First point we’d like to mention is the fact that it’s cordless.. that itself makes it more appealing because who needs the hassle of cords when you’re trying to get some work done or even worry if the area you want to work near doesn’t have a socket nearby. So yes, cordless is a point you might want to keep in mind when purchasing a drill. This drill also works well with drilling through woof, aluminum and steel.

Third and last item on the list would be the Bosch 12V Cordless Reciprocating saw, its’ called the smallest professional universal saw also a tool that looks like a toy but we don’t mean that as a bad thing by the way, it’s the way around we’re mentioning the fact that it’s small but so efficient which is great because that’s what you need in the end when you’re working on something yourself you literally want it to be handy and that’s what we’re picking out for you to keep things nice and easy. This jigsaw is also cordless and that’s what we love about this range of Bosch products, beautifully designed and super practical. This saw cuts through both wood and metal, different blades are used for these materials so you need to be careful when choosing the blades and keeping each blade for its original use to keep safe.

All three power tools are pretty useful and work perfectly for a beginner who is dabbling is some DIY work around the house to keep busy and entertained. They’re considered safe because of their light weight, durability and easy use but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be supervised, supervision is always required for safety reasons when using such tools. 

If you’re getting more interested in such power tools give HomeWagon a visit and check their range of hand and power tools. If you require any assistance in choosing the right ones for you they can assist you through their customer service so you wouldn’t have to worry yourself by jumping from one home appliance store to find those tools. You can get them all with a click fo a button in the comfort of your own home.