How do you go about screening your China PCB manufacturer?

PCBs could be sourced from the local suppliers or from the Chinese suppliers. If you have found that sourcing your PCBs from a China PCB manufacturer is more beneficial then you should go ahead to identify a dependable company to take care of your requirements. You cannot use the same set of criteria that you use to select your local suppliers. Besides the set of criteria that you use to select your local supplier you need to consider using a number of other important factors so that you have the right suppliers to work with your needs.

One of the key qualities that you should be looking for when you are selecting a PCB manufacturing company is that they should offer end to end services. It is not enough that they take care of the PCB printing needs. The manufacturer should also source the assembly components and assemble the PCBs for you so that there will be no need to work with multiple companies and suppliers.

Does your China PCB company have their own manufacturing facility? Have you established this factor by doing your own background checking? Often customers in the US or UK end up working with intermediary sales or sourcing agents who pose to be a manufacturer. You should not decide your supplier by just looking at their websites. Today anyone could claim just about anything in their website. There is no guarantee that they will meet all those promises. As a customer you need to ensure that your interests are guarded fully and that your supplier does not take you for a ride. It is worth considering these factors carefully before you blindly signup with any supplier in China.

The next important quality to look for is the overall capability of your manufacturer to meet your requirements. Depending on the nature of the products you are manufacturing, the complexity of the PCBs will vary. Does your manufacturer have the skillset to take care of your needs and deliver the PCBs as per the specifications? This is an important factor to be considered before you send your requirements to any service provider.

If you are thinking of ordering your PCBs from China, you will also ensure that your supplier is capable of interacting with you in English or that they have customer-facing resources that are proficient in English. If they do not understand English then they will not be able to understand your requirements. Without having a complete understanding of the requirements, your manufacturer may fail to deliver the orders as per your expectations. Therefore, it is important to pick companies that understand English along with having good skillset to take care of the technical aspects of your requirements. This needs to be established right at the start even before you send your requirements for a quote. It would not be a good idea to just to rush through your selection process before you have carefully assessed the PCB manufacturers in China.

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