What Color Should My Bed Skirt Be?

If you are a simple person who prefers functionality over aesthetics, then a bed with a good foundation, a decent mattress, and a fitting bedsheet should work wonderfully for you. But if you treat your bed like an element that can be decorated to look fancy and sophisticated, you need more than just the mattress and the bedsheet. In such a scenario, one of the decorative items that you may consider buying is the bed skirt.

What exactly is a Bed Skirt?

Just like women wear skirts for covering their legs, bed skirts are fitted to cover the bed box. Beds without bed boxes can also be made to look more aesthetically pleasing through bed skirts. Bed skirts are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, designs, and patterns and we will take a closer look at everything related to bed skirts in this write-up.

What is the Best Bed Skirt Material?

Just like bedsheets, different materials are used to make bed skirts. If you are looking for a bed skirt to add a sense of sophistication and luxury to your bedroom, you should consider buying satin or silk bed skirts. However, if you want a bed skirt for more functional reasons, you should go for a cotton bed skirt.

Bed skirts have a trademark fluffy look and feel. While all bed skirts boast of this look and feel during the early days of use, for most materials, the look and feel gradually fade with time. For the most durable bed skirts, it’s best to choose materials such as faux suede, chenille, and velvet.

Practical Benefits of Bed Skirts

There are primarily two practical benefits of purchasing bed skirts apart from their aesthetically pleasing qualities.

  • Covering the Storage Space underneath the Bed: The space underneath the bed is often used to store objects and in such a scenario bed skirts can keep the stored items covered. Items stored under beds don’t make for pretty sights and bed skirts can keep them out of sight. A bed skirt can also be a crime deterrent, especially if an item of great value is stored under the bed.
  • Protecting Stored Items from Dust: We typically don’t pay much attention to the things stored under our bed, but the fact is that they tend to accumulate a lot of dust over time. Living with a ton of dust under your bed is not a very healthy way to live. As a bed skirt covers the stored items, it also protects them from attracting dust. Dust mites are also reduced in this way.

Bed Skirt Colors

Bed skirts are available in both light and dark shades. While color does not play a very important role in determining how good the bed skirt is, it certainly will matter if you are buying a bed skirt for aesthetics alone. One thing you should look out for in light-colored bed skirts is whether or not they have a certain degree of transparency. Partially transparent bed skirts may make the stored items under your bed visible and take away from the visual aesthetics.

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