Where to Eat at Labuan Bajo

With several new restaurants popping and frequently only a brief stay in Labuan Bajo — it can be a daunting task to choose where to eat. We listed them here and have selected the best restaurants in the city. There are resorts to the south, but they aren’t easy to access and not at a price regularly.

Please know that this list isn’t comprehensive by any means — only our listing of places to eat. There are few places across the road and lots of street stalls. While those do provide delicacies — that they tend to give a minimal collection of snacks and fried goods. For the very best selection of booths, then visit the tip of the town along the shore in the evening. It is also possible to find over a dozen wineries, where the natives will consume. For an enjoyable time (and crap meals) search for your woman boy stall around halfway across.

Made in Italy – Labuan Bajo Restaurants

Made in Italy is just the very best. As is the ceremony, the cuisine is top-notch. The owner/chef prepares everything, checking on every meal. Yes–the cheese is made in the kitchen. His attempts and work show how good food should be.

Throughout Indonesia tourist towns there are hundreds and hundreds of Italian restaurants — even if not more. This is, by far, not only in Labuan Bajo but all of Indonesia is that great. That is hardcore. There is a terrific view from your front half of the restaurant, and free Wifi is available.


This is the newest kid on the block, and the sunsets are beautiful. Being right on the water can at times have a downside — ship engines, fish scents (and not the right kind of bass ). Yet, the food is delicious most of the time. There will be nights where we all lay back on the bean bag chairs and moaned about how full we had been. Just feel a bit free of personality along with like a warehouse. Also, you can find free Wifi here.

The Lounge – Labuan Bajo restaurant

The Lounge is the traditional old school Labuan Bajo cafe couch. It is built on the steep hill right in the heart of town. They perform sweet soft music, and the group are simply the warmest in the city. Should you come back for at least one, they start up conversations and recall your favourite beverages.

Almost every night around sunset, you will find diving teachers and the residents here. The food is hit or miss—several vegetarian alternatives—otherwise an excellent atmosphere and overall lovely spot to relax. Free Wifi, checked.

Bajo Bakery

Still entirely a new restaurant. On the other hand, its fresh bread is the best town. They have tasty muffins that can tempt each guest. Excellent quality and very nice folks.


At the southern end of the main strip (however in case you go only a bit further there are several more non-tourist restaurants). A unique layout, with a palm frond roof. The views are magnificent, and the owner is friendly. Very hit and miss on the calibre. Another area to discover many expats. Pool table on the floor, generally dominated by locals.

Pesona The Corner

This is the first expat restaurant in the town, and it shows. The most central location and ideally situated. It’s one of the most accessible areas for anyone if you’re meeting with anyone and could enjoy the free Wifi.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.